Over 40,000 simultaneous viewers of the 2020 LOL World Cup

Riot Games celebrates its 10th anniversary this year at the League of Legends World Championship.It was announced on Thursday that it was the biggest hit ever. According to an analysis of the five-week LOL World Cup viewing records in Shanghai, China, from September 25 to October 31, the average number of viewers per minute for “Play-In Stage” rose 87.18 percent year-on-year to 3.6 million.

Also, the number of viewers during the “play-in” period was 160.92 million hours. The figure is up 61.76 percent from a year earlier. In addition, the cumulative viewing time for the five weeks of the LOL World Cup has exceeded 1 billion hours.

In particular, the final round of the Rolled Cup had 3205,750 ticket applicants for direct viewing, and only 6,312 of them had direct views. In addition, the final match between Suning and Damwon Gaming (LCK) was broadcast around the world across 21 정품비아그라  platforms in 16 languages. At this time, the average number of viewers per minute was 2.34 million, and the highest number of viewers was 45.95 million.

“This year’s LOL World Cup has been joined by four new partners: Boss, Cisco, Mercedes-Benz, and Spotify,” Riot Games said. “We will be touring various cities in China next year to host the LOL World Cup in a tour format of a tour.

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