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One eye is blurry so it’s out of focus woman in her mid 30s


9월 15, 2021

One eye is blurry so it’s out of focus


Q: A woman in her mid-30s. One eye looks blurry. It’s blurry, so my eyes are out of focus. The hospital said there was nothing wrong. My life is so uncomfortable. If you drive at night, you can see two things. I did a pupil test, but they said there was no problem. Why is this? I visited two ophthalmologists, but they only prescribed eye drops because there was no problem. When you look closely at things, they get worse and your eyes hurt at night. It’s been about a month and a half since the symptoms appeared.

It’s no use putting in eye drops, inflammatory drugs, and dry eye drugs.

A: There may be many causes, but most of them are caused by poor eyesight, night glow, out of focus, and dry eyes. If the symptoms get worse at a certain time, it is likely to be dry eye syndrome.

If you have a job that does a lot of computer work or short-range work, you need enough rest and constant treatment 비아그라 구입

Dry eye syndrome usually worsens after staying asymptomatic for a long time before symptoms develop.

Short-term medication does not improve, and you have to treat it steadily for months.

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