How to cure old corneal wounds woman in her late 40s

How to cure old corneal wounds woman in her late 40s

How to cure old corneal wounds


Q: A woman in her late 40s. My eyes began to hurt five years ago. What is presumed to be the cause is that a small fragment splashed on my eyes a long time ago during construction. Since then, my eyes have turned red and tears have flowed down a lot. When it’s severe, it’s so swollen that I can’t open my eyes.

According to the ophthalmologist, the fragments in the past caused corneal wounds and inflammation.

Every time I open and close my eyes, it’s rough, so I wear protective lenses on my cornea, and I’m prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and artificial tears. I’m worried that the cycle of red eyes and tears gets shorter and worse every time the symptoms appear.

Corneal wounds are said to be easily treated with lasers, so I wonder what treatment is suitable for you to visit a general hospital.

A: It doesn’t seem to cause corneal inflammation because foreign substances or debris still remain in the cornea. Perhaps the corneal epithelium was regenerated again after the corneal wound occurred, but the lower part of the corneal epithelium was incomplete due to the wound, so it seems that the corneal epithelium continues to fall out. This is called repetitive corneal dilution. Symptoms can continue to repeat after several years.

There are many treatments. You can remove the entire corneal epithelium and let it grow again, or you can perform excimer surgery. If you continue to feel uncomfortable, it is a good idea to visit a university hospital for a detailed examination.

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