Omega X was assaulted and overpowered by the CEO of his agency.

Omega X was assaulted and overpowered by the CEO of his agency.

“Omega X was assaulted and overpowered by the CEO of his agency.”

Omega X

It was revealed that the group Omega X was abused by the head of its agency several times, including verbal abuse and assault.

Some members of the group Omega X, which debuted in June last year, were assaulted and overpowered by Kang, the CEO of the agency, after finishing a performance in LA, the last city of the world tour, on the 22nd (local time).

At the time, CEO Kang told Omega X members after dinner after the performance, “Why do you think XX like you should be loved by people? XX, who don’t know what being loved, is loved?” he shouted, “I know how calculating it is.”

“Wake up,” CEO Kang said to member Jae-han (27, Kim Jae-han), who collapsed in a panic. He always yelled, “If you’re sick like this, stop being an idol,” and when the member next to you dissuaded him, “CEO, stop it.” CEO Kang said, “I know how many times I fell down. It hurts to death. I stayed up all night, even if I was sick to death.He continued to force Korea to stand up.

CEO Kang’s verbal abuse continued even after arriving at the hotel.

In front of the elevator, CEO Kang said, “You did this to me when member Tae-dong (24, Kim Tae-dong) tried to move with Jae-han. When Tae-dong protested, “Did you take care of me when I was having a hard time?” and “I’m about to fall down,” CEO Kang pulled Jae-han’s collar and knocked him down on the floor.

In the process, fans caught Jae-han sobbing until he got up from the floor and got on the elevator.

Regarding allegations of abuse of power against members, including verbal abuse and assault, CEO Kang denied in a telephone conversation with SBS entertainment news reporters, saying, “I have never shouted at members or assaulted them.” “I sat down in front of the hotel elevator and Jae-han also sat down.” I was really upset, so I said, “Have you ever protected me?” “Did you protect me when I was having a hard time?” he explained.

Omega X is an 11-member K-pop group, consisting of members who debuted as idol groups such as Spectrum, Snooper, Limited, Seven O’clock, ENOI, 1TEAM, and Under Night, but failed to make a successful and re-debut in the music industry. 메이저사이트

They recently completed a tour of 12 cities in North America for a total of 20 days through South America, but are currently staying in the U.S. as the company unilaterally canceled their flight back home.

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