Neymar conceded 10 times, but new start to 30

Neymar conceded 10 times, but new start to 30

Neymar conceded 10 times, but new start to 30


Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain) moved the team.

Paris Saint-Germain said on its official website on the 11th (Korean time). I am happy to announce my two-year contract.

Paris Saint-Germain went to great lengths to announce Messi’s bid. About seven hours before the announcement, he released a series of videos suggesting Messi’s recruitment. From the first video, the Argentine flag and six Ballon d’Or trophies appeared. Anyone can tell it was Messi.

In the last video released just before the official announcement, Messi was wearing Paris Saint-Germain’s uniform. It was the official announcement of Messi’s contract period (until 2023) and number 30.

A lot of attention was paid to Messi and other numbers. Messi has played for Barcelona 10 times since the 2008–09 season. But Paris Saint-Germain already had Neymar wearing number 10. Eventually Messi gave up 10 times.

Evening Standard, a British media outlet, said Neymar would give up his number 10 to Messi. But Messi refused,” he said. Messi does not appear to have received his back number out of respect for Neymar.

There was a prediction that he would want the number 19 he chose before he wore the number 10 in Barcelona. But even this refused. This is because midfielder Pablo Sarabia, who currently plays with number 19.

Messi chose number 30. This is the back number he put up when he first joined Barcelona’s first team in the 2004–05 season. Messi played 30 times in his first two seasons in the first division 파워볼사이트

Spanish media As also said, “Messie’s number 30 is because it’s the same number he used when he debuted as a professional debut in Barcelona.”

“I look forward to starting a new chapter in my career in Paris,” Messi said on his website. The club and its vision are in perfect harmony with my ambition. I know how talented the players and staff here are. I decided to make something great with them, for the club and for the fans. “I can’t wait to step on the grass of Park de Prince,” he said.

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