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New Jeans, “Anti is a fake job as a coordinator. What’s your fashion?”


10월 27, 2022
New Jeans

New Jeans, “Anti is a fake job as a coordinator. What’s your fashion?”

New Jeans

The rising popular group NewJeans expressed disappointment in fashion to the extent that rumors of Cody’s anti-cody were raised among fans.

I don’t think fashion can keep up with the outstanding visuals of the group New Jeans members.

Newszins, who is leaving to attend the K-CON concert in Japan on the 14th, posed in a perfectly coordinated manner in front of reporters to capture the departure from the early morning.

As if showing all the items of the sponsored brand, he covered all the members’ individuality with hats and showed fashion as if he showed all the items of the clothing store, from skirts to wide pants.

It was literally a doll-like New Jins with a perfect face.

Newsz’s fashion, which attended a beverage brand’s event on the 21st, was also a style that covered the lack of fashion.

Daniel and Minji showed off their fashion as if they were comparing who was prettier in the same clothes with knit fashion with different colors.

All members except Minji were given difficult fashion points, as if they showed, “There are hats of various colors and patterns of the same design.”

There are members wearing long boots and ankle boots that match autumn fashion, while Hye-in is wearing sandals that reveal her toes alone.

Generation Z’s fandom culture, which grew up in an environment where smartphones and computers were universally distributed, actively presents opinions to their favorite artists and boldly criticizes disappointing things.

These fans’ reactions are sometimes reflected in consideration of new decisions such as concepts at the agency.

Everyone is looking forward to how the doll-like visuals of Newsjin’s fashion will change in the future.

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