NBA Defending Champion Lakers to Resurrection of Visit

NBA Defending Champion Lakers to Resurrection of Visit

NBA Defending Champion Lakers to Resurrection of Visit to the White House


NBA defending champion LA Lakers will push for a visit to the White House.

“Yahoo Sports” quoted a source on the 8th (Korea time) as saying that the 2019-20 season champions Lakers are pushing for a revival of the tradition of NBA champions visiting the White House 바카라사이트

They will visit the White House after Joe Biden, who was elected the 46th president, officially takes office and changes the main character of the White House. Biden’s inauguration is scheduled for Jan. 21.

NBA traditionally has been visited by the season-winning team at the White House. He has mostly used his trips to Washington, D.C. next season.

However, since President Donald Trump took power, the NBA championship’s visit to the White House has been cut off. This is the result of NBA players’ antipathy toward President Trump’s move to make racist and aggressive remarks and actions.

In September 2017, President Trump canceled the invitation first when the Golden State Warriors, the winners of the 2016-17 season, tried to vote on the White House visit. Since then, NBA teams have never visited the White House during Trump’s tenure.

LeBron James publicly expressed his antipathy against Trump, saying, “No matter who wins this series, I won’t want to be invited (the White House).”

The tradition, which was cut off as Trump failed to win re-election, is showing signs of reviving again. However, Yahoo Sports said there are at least a lot of problems that need to be solved this season in order to revive the tradition to be revived.

First of all, the Lakers and Biden’s schedule should be right. The Lakers are playing the season now, so their schedule is bound to be limited. Usually, visits are made during the Washington D.C., but the Lakers’ visit to Washington D.C. has yet to be confirmed. The NBA has only released its schedule until early March, half of the season. The second half of the schedule will come out by the time the released schedule is almost over.

The situation of the new coronavirus infection (Korona 19) fandom is also making things more difficult. Yahoo Sports said more information is needed on what the White House’s Corona 19 process will look like by the time the Lakers visit Washington, D.

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