Montoyo didn’t tell Ryu to operate The inevitable replacement

Montoyo didn’t tell Ryu to operate The inevitable replacement

Montoyo didn’t tell Ryu to operate The inevitable replacement breakthrough was a trade


“Montoyo didn’t ask Ryu for Tommy John surgery.”

The U.S. and Canadian media are surprisingly accepting the replacement of Toronto Blue Jays coach Charlie Montoyo. Although it is true that Toronto is making less than expected, it still has a winning rate of 0.528 with 47 wins and 42 losses. Aldong is tied for third place with the Boston Red Sox due to its high competitiveness, but it is also tied for second place with the Boston and Seattle Mariners in the wild card race. After the season ends, Toronto plays fall baseball.

After Toronto announced the replacement of coach Montoyo and bench coach John Schneider’s temporary coach system on the 14th (Korea Standard Time), local media criticized the club in unison. However, there is a slightly different perspective. Ian Hunter of Canada’s Daily Hive interpreted Toronto’s replacement as an “inevitable” option.

First of all, Daily Hive said, “Montoyo made me scratch my head, but I didn’t ask Ryu Hyun-jin for Tommy John surgery. Montoyo also did not provide the cause of Yusei Kikuchi’s failure to put him in the strike zone,” he said.

The sluggishness of the leading players is clear. Some leading hitters, including Vladimir Guerrero Jr., are worse than last year. The effect of Matt Chapman’s trade is minimal. Jose Berrios, who signed an extended contract, was sluggish, and Ryu Hyun-jin was out of the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Kevin Gausman was also sidelined recently due to injury. Kikuchi is a case of sluggishness and injuries

However, Daily Hive pointed out that the team’s leaders’ view of Montoyo is bound to change compared to the past. Expectations were low in 2019 and 2020. However, Toronto also had much higher expectations with its ambition to advance to the World Series this year. Montoyo was the right man at the time, but he may not be the right man now. After narrowly failing to advance to the postseason last year, there is a great urgency this season,” he said.

In addition, he questioned whether Montoyo was a relatively calm character, and whether it was right at the moment when it was weaker than expected. The Daily Hive said: “The team is still performing well, but at the moment it’s inevitable that they will be fired. We can’t fire a player to take any action, so we have no choice but to fire the coach,” he said 토토사이트

In the end, Toronto needs a major change, starting with the replacement of Montoyo. The Daily Hive said: “Bo Bissett, Teosca Hernandez and Guerrero should do better. Power needs to be reinforced to strengthen the roaster. The trade will not only help this team survive, but it will also help them compete for the championship.”

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