Man Utd slayers spend 180 billion pounds a week releasing 75,000 pounds

Man Utd slayers spend 180 billion pounds a week releasing 75,000 pounds

Man Utd slayers spend 180 billion pounds a week releasing 75,000 pounds a week.


Manchester United has also invested a lot of money in the frozen transfer market. As Jaden Sancho (21) and Rafael Baran (28) are brought in, they work on quick release.

The British media “Express” said on the 28th (Korea time) that West Ham is planning to take Manchester United central defender Phil Jones. “Manchester United still have a contract with Phil Jones, but we can release him as a free agent to reduce his weekly salary,” he said.

Phil Jones left Blackburn in 2011 to join Manchester United. Although Alex Ferguson was in the lower league, he was positive about Phil Jones’s determination and recruited him for 1.3 million euros.3 billion won).

Under Ferguson, he defended the back of Manchester United with his unrelenting determination. He was also selected for the England national team and recognized for his skills. However, chronic injuries have been hampered and gradually pushed to the bench. He renewed his contract with Manchester United until 2023, but is now a non-power resource.

Manchester United are preparing for an endless escape from the dark ages this summer. Jayden Sancho, who scored 50 goals and 64 assists in 137 matches in Dortmund, was brought to 85 million euros (115.9 billion won), won numerous UEFA Champions League titles and Rafael Baran, who won trophies in the World Cup in Russia.

The basic transfer fee is 34 million pounds (54.4 billion won). However, with the option, it is up to 42 million pounds (67.2 billion won). Given the frozen European transfer market due to the new coronavirus, 180 billion won is never a small amount for the two players 파워볼사이트

I’m sending a player because I’ve brought two people who are sure about offense and defense. Phil Jones, who is paid 75,000 pounds a week at Manchester United, has been listed as a killer. The West Ham proposal is attractive, even to reduce ‘fixed spending’. He is also considering releasing it on a free contract with a transfer fee of 0 won.

According to “Express,” Andres Ferreira, Diogo Dalot and Donny van the Beek will be sold in the summer, including Phil Jones. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has spoken of Jesse Lingard and Anthony Mashial remaining, but there is a possibility that additional recruitment will lead to the transfer of the team.

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