Lukaku agreed 151 billion won for Chelsea within 24 hours

Lukaku agreed 151 billion won for Chelsea within 24 hours

Lukaku agreed 151 billion won for Chelsea within 24 hours


Romelu Lukaku (27)’s return to Chelsea is imminent. The Daily Mail of the U.K. said on the 6th (Korea time) that Chelsea will confirm the recruitment of Lukaku within 24 hours by offering a transfer fee of 95 million pounds (about 151 billion won).

According to the Daily Mail, Chelsea raised its offer of 파95 million in cash after 85 million plus left-back Marcos Alonso was rejected.

The weekly salary alone is 350,000 pounds (about 557 million won), the highest level in the Premier League.

Lukaru has already informed the club that he hopes to move to Chelsea.

The Daily Mail said Chelsea and Inter will meet on Friday local time for a transfer agreement.

He also added that although Inter Milan prefer cash, Chelsea may offer other players.

Chelsea have sought a new ninth striker as Timo Werner, who was ambitious last season, struggled in front of the goal.

He turned to Lukaku when he failed to recruit Elling Holland, who was the top priority.

Lukaku left Anderrecht in Belgium in August 2011 and wore a Chelsea uniform for 에12 million.

At the time, he was highly anticipated with the number 18, but he failed to score in 10 games due to limited conditions and moved to Everton in the 2014-15 season after two seasons on loan.

After joining Inter Milan via Manchester United, he emerged as the world’s best striker. In his first year of transfer, he scored 23 goals in 36 league matches and led his team to the Serie A championship with 24 goals in 36 games this season.

According to the Daily Mail, Inter Milan see Colombian striker Duvan Zapata (Atalanta) as a substitute for Lukaku. In this case, Atalanta is expected to seek Chelsea striker Tommy Abraham.

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