Leading Mercury Emergency Ace Mercenary’s unfortunate

Leading Mercury Emergency Ace Mercenary’s unfortunate

Leading Mercury Emergency Ace Mercenary’s unfortunate departure from personal history.


KT Wiz, who is in the lead by a narrow margin, has encountered an unexpected bad news. Foreign ace William Cuevas, 31, is out of the line due to unfortunate personal circumstances.

Before the Suwon LG match on the 18th, KT eliminated Cuevas from the first division and registered relief pitcher Ahn Young-myung. A KT official said, “It’s personal history.”

Cuevas went on a four-game winning streak after controversy over his “bulpen move” in June. Cuevas had only two wins, three losses and an ERA of 6.40 in 52 innings in 10 games against Doosan on June 19. Coach Lee Kang-chul encouraged Cuevas to go to the bullpen. Cuevas, who refused to do so, has four wins in 25 평균 innings in four games with no loss and an ERA of 0.70.

Cuevas was expected to be the vanguard for KT’s lead in the second half. Cuevas and Despine’s one-two punches were strong and the native starting line, which led to Ko Young-pyo, Bae Jung-sung and So Yong-joon, was solid. Kang Speed-gu, managing director of Side Am Eom Sang-baek, also made a comeback after winning the Futures League. KT used Um Sang-baek as a swingman and dreamed of a more relaxed mound operation. The six-choice system was also possible.

However, with Cuevas missing, all of his plans went to waste. It’s going to be very tight starting with the rotation of seven consecutive games this week. Coach Lee Kang-chul was trying to find the right timing for Bae’s physical safety, but he took the mound after a four-day break. Eom Sang-baek was deployed to Lotte on the 20th, the turn of Cuevas.

“We are going to start Um Sang-baek until Cuevas comes. Originally, I was thinking of putting (Um) Sangbaek on Sunday and starting sixth. I tried to let Je-sung rest, but he failed. (Sunday exclusion) We have to go in again. “I think we need to go as five people for the time being,” he said.

In the end, the reserve officer Um Sang-baek took the heavy responsibility. Um Sang-baek, a member of Sangmu in 2020, marked 10 wins, 4 losses and an ERA of 1.69. This year, he was discharged with a six-win, no-loss ERA of 1.46. In the first team’s return match, he started against Kiwoom on the 12th and allowed two runs in five innings 토토사이트

Foreign colleague Despine’s responsibility has also increased. Despine, who led LG to victory on the 18th, said, “Cuevas was playing a very big role. Unfortunately, there is something more important than the team. Still, KT is not the team that will be able to do anything right now. Eom Sang-baek will fully demonstrate his ability. “We can keep the top spot,” he said with strengthfully.

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