Le Seraphim reveals body line in eye-catching black

Le Seraphim reveals body line in eye-catching black

Le Seraphim reveals body line in eye-catching black

Le Seraphim

After the release of the new mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE,” the girl group Lesherapim, who is performing brilliantly with a perfect performance, held a photo shoot and interview with the November issue of the men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine “Esquire.” At the photo shoot site, members of Lesherapim showed their chic and confident charm by digesting various styles of costumes, including black-colored dresses.

In an interview that followed after the photoshoot, the members of Le Seraphim talked about their thoughts during their debut album, “FEARLESS,” their feelings while preparing for “ANTIFRAGILE,” and their chemistry. Leader Kim Chae-won, who successfully made her second debut this year through Le Seraphim, said, “I wanted to show you a really perfect appearance, so I strengthened my base by looking at the basics again,” adding, “I feel like I’ve grown more.” “I didn’t enjoy the performance because I thought I had to do well during FEARLESS, but I took relatively ease in ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ even though it was a very difficult choreography,” he said. “I want to continue to enjoy the stage and show great performances beyond previous performances.”

Kazuha said, “Every member of Le Seraphim has a completely different background. “We are a group where five other people gather to see the same dream and move forward,” he said adding, “I think I was a member suitable for Le Seraphim in that I can show the way I have lived and grow from now on.” On this day, Kazuha is rumored to have made the scene a sea of laughter by saying an unexpected word, “There is a Korean I learned while watching dramas before I learned Korean in earnest.”

Hong Eun-chae, the youngest member of Le Seraphim, said, “The day before I heard the news of joining, I dreamed of joining the debut group. So I didn’t realize whether it was a dream or a reality, he said. “After confirming it several times that it was real, I felt like the day of my debut would never come.” Hong Eun-chae said, “I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do what I was good at because I was nervous on the stage, but I didn’t tremble at all on the day of my debut,” adding, “It was unexpectedly fun and I had no regrets.”

Heo Yoon-jin, who made headlines by performing his own song to mark the 100th day of his debut, expressed his expectation and confidence for “ANTIFRAGILE,” saying, “I was glad that I had many opportunities to bring out myself while working as Le Seraphim.” Heo Yoon-jin said, “The choreography of ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ was at least twice as difficult as that of ‘FEARLESS’,” adding, “There are movements that make you want to follow in the middle, so I hope many people follow them.” She, who feels the most happy when she is praised for being “great,” added that she wants to be an artist who gives good influence like Taylor Swift. 안전놀이터

Sakura, who is not a leader but is taking care of the members as the oldest sister, confessed that she only recently realized what it means to enjoy the stage. Sakura said, “Now that I’ve been with the members all day, I feel like a family,” adding, “It’s hard to make a friend who’s in sync, but I think I’m lucky to meet four people.” Sakura, who said she was even happier to have her own lyrics adopted in the new album’s song “When the quality is bad but I am,” replied, “My goal is to grow into an unimaginably cool figure in five years.”

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