Kim Min-jae is confirmed to join Manchester United on July 1st

Kim Min-jae is confirmed to join Manchester United on July 1st

Kim Min-jae is confirmed to join Manchester United on July 1st and the press is announced

Kim Min-jae

Kim Min-jae (Napoli) and Lee Kang-in (Mayorca) are expected to enter the big club side by side through the transfer market this summer. Following the news that Lee Kang-in has completed a personal agreement with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), British media reported that Kim Min-jae’s contract with Manchester United has been confirmed.

Britain’s “The Sun” announced on the 14th (Korea Standard Time) that Manchester United’s first recruitment this summer was confirmed as Kim Min-jae. “I will join the team on July 1st, and my annual salary has been revealed.”

The Sun said, “Manchester United formed a strong connection with Kim Min-jae as head coach Eric Tenhach sought to strengthen his defense. However, PSG and Newcastle United faced competition by jumping into the recruitment of Kim Min-jae,’ he explained.

“Napoli reportedly proposed a new contract on the condition of deleting Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause.” It was an attempt to prevent Kim Min-jae’s transfer,’ he added.

But in the end, Manchester United won. The Sun said, “Kim Min-jae accepted an offer of 175,000 pounds (about 280 million won) per week and 9 million pounds (about 14.5 billion won) per year.”

Kim Min-jae made his name known throughout Europe by playing a big role in Fenerbahce, Turkey, in the 2021-2022 season

Napoli, a prestigious Serie A club, recruited Kim Min-jae. Napoli had a transfer fee of £15 million (about 25 billion won) to Fenerbahce. Napoli set Kim Min-jae’s release clause at around 45 million pounds (about 75 billion won). It is a “buy-out” concept in which any team pays £45 million to send Kim Min-jae out.

Three times the transfer fee is appropriate, but no one knew Kim Min-jae would do this well. Kim Min-jae quickly became the top defender of Serie A. There is no need to explain further if it is enough to win the league’s best defender award in Italy, the home of defense.

That’s why Napoli tried to sign Kim Min-jae again. Compared to Kim Min-jae’s skills, £45 million was a bargain. There was no way that Kim Min-jae would accept the proposal 토토

Kim Min-jae is expected to compete with Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Varane for two starting center backs in Manchester United. Since Varane is in his 30s, Martinez and Kim Min-jae are expected in the long run

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