Kim Ji-eun a 1,000 won lawyer will continue her trend

Kim Ji-eun a 1,000 won lawyer will continue her trend

Kim Ji-eun a 1,000 won lawyer will continue her trend

Kim Ji-eun

Actress Kim Ji-eun will continue her trend by starring in the lead role of a 1,000-won lawyer.

SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “A 1,000-won Lawyer” is a refreshing legal activity in which lawyer Chun Ji-hoon, who has only 1,000 won in fees and the best skills, fights rich lawyers. Following Kim Ji-eun, Namgung Min, Choi Dae-hoon, Lee Deok-hwa, and Park Jin-woo have been cast, which are considered to be expected in the second half of 2022.

In the drama, Kim Ji-eun is a former member of the legal royal family, and plays the role of the prosecutor’s assistant, “White Married,” with a brilliant specification and a brilliant future. Marie will meet a confident and haughty character, Cheon Ji-hoon (Nam Gung-min), in the drama, and face a new phase in her smooth life, and will give fun to the small screen.

Kim Ji-eun has appeared in various works such as the dramas “Lovely Horribly,” “Doctor Prisoner,” “Three Boyfriends When I Open My Eyes,” and “Others Are Hell,” and is building solid filmography. In addition, he received a lot of love from viewers for his stable acting and new charm as his first lead role in the last drama “Black Sun.”

In particular, in the currently airing drama “Again My Life,” Kim Ji-eun is active as “Kim Hee-ah,” which stands out for her bright and confident charm. He shows an unexpected charm in the play, and is attracting the attention of viewers with his strong and clear eyes. Indeed, the background is similar, but expectations are high as it will show a new charm through another “hundreds” from Hee-ah.

Meanwhile, “A 1,000-won Lawyer,” starring Kim Ji-eun, is scheduled to air for the first time in the second half of 2022

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