Kim Jaewoong defeated the former champion…

Kim Jaewoong defeated the former champion…

Kim Jaewoong defeated the former champion in his bantamweight debut at the One Championship

Kim Jaewoong

Mixed martial arts fighter Kim Jaewoong showed his skills as a former No. 1 featherweight official ranking player in Asia’s largest martial arts group “One Championship” bantamweight debut.

Kim Jae-woong beat former bantamweight champion Kevin Bellingon (Philippines) in 2 minutes and 33 seconds with ground and pound in the first game of the ONE on Prime Video 4 main card held in Singapore on the 19th.

The official website of the One Championship praised Kim Jae-woong, saying, “Kim Jae-woong opened the main card with a great TKO victory against Bellingon, a former champion.”

Kim Jae-woong raised his international status by beating former lightweight champion Hapaeu Nunis ▷ former welterweight champion Yamada Tetsuya ▷ former lightweight and featherweight champion Martin Nguyen (Australia) of the One Championship in Brazil between 2019-2021.

However, Kim Jae-woong lost to fourth-ranked Tang Kai (China) in 2 minutes and 7 seconds in a match in which he played as the No. 1 featherweight in the One Championship in March this year, and his momentum was dampened.

One Championship said, “Kim Jae-woong firmly informed the bantamweight of his existence with an important victory over the former champion,” adding, “It is meaningful to beat Bellingon.”

Kim Jae-woong raised the winning rate of mixed martial arts KO to 75 percent (9/12). It proved that destructive power worked in the bantamweight class, which lost weight during the featherweight class. 안전공원

Bellingon failed to make use of his rich big match experience, and was completely defeated by Kim Jae-woong, as he played only four bantamweight title matches, including the provisional championship match.

Prior to the match, Kim Jae-woong said, “I want to have an immediate impact on the bantamweight battle. “I will beat Bellingon and start running for the championship belt,” he said, expressing his willingness to challenge for the top of the One Championship, which he failed to achieve in the featherweight division.

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