Kim Hee-ra Cha Joo-young “excellent” heart keeps staring…”The body

Kim Hee-ra Cha Joo-young “excellent” heart keeps staring…”The body

Kim Hee-ra Cha Joo-young “excellent” heart keeps staring…”The body is so superior. “And he’s tall, so I can’t help but look at his chest”.

Kim Hee-ra

Actress Kim Hi-ra confessed that she acted as Cha Joo-young chest hit without realizing it because her eyes kept on Cha Joo-young “excellent” chest.

On the 16th, interviews with the five villains of “The Glory” were released on the W KOREA channel.

Lim Ji-yeon, Park Sung-hoon, Cha Joo-young, Kim Hee-ra, and Kim Gun-woo gathered in one place to write profiles of different actors.

Among them, Kim Hi-ra, who wrote Cha Joo-young’s profile, said, “There is a scene in which Lee Sa-ra is angry at Choi Hye-jung in her clothes and sprays deodorant,” adding, “In the original script, Joo-young’s body was so superior. In addition, he said, “I was tall, so my eyes naturally went to my chest.”

While doing this, he hit his chest with his palm from below, saying, “Joo-young hit his chest while saying the line, and Febreze intentionally sprayed it on his chest,” adding, “I asked if it was okay when the cut came out in the middle, but he said, ‘Do it as much as you want,’ so I continued.”

In response, Cha Joo-young replied gracefully, “Thanks to Herra, the scene became a great scene.”

Regarding Cha Joo-young’s frequent appearance on the set, Kim Hee-ra wrote, “She looks tired because of the tight clothes,” and Lim Ji-yeon said, “My sister couldn’t sit down because of the tight clothes.” It was always standing. “I think it’s going to explode right away,” he explained, laughing.

Meanwhile, Cha Joo-young has been enjoying the most popularity since her debut with Netflix’s original series ‘The Glory’.

In the drama, Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon) and others secretly wore customer clothes as the daughter of a laundry shop, definitely caught the eye of viewers as characters seeking ostentatious luxury amid relative deprivation in the leader group of perpetrators.

Thanks to this, Cha Joo-young is screaming happily with various CF love calls and invitations to luxury events.

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