Kim Ha-sung, I want to learn the reason why you chose SD

Kim Ha-sung, I want to learn the reason why you chose SD

Kim Ha-sung, I want to learn the reason why you chose SD.

Kim Ha-sung

Manny said he would learn better if he saw the same players.”

Kim Ha-sung, 25, was headed to the San Diego Padres. The U.S. media, including the U.S. sports media ESPN, on the 29th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), “San Diego has another big player this offseason.” According to various sources, San Diego has agreed to sign a contract with Korean star infielder Kim Ha-sung.

Why did Kim Ha-sung choose San Diego after receiving love calls from various clubs? “It is true that San Diego and Toronto were the final candidates,” said a close aide to Kim Ha-sung after the contract was made public. There must have been some teams that were relatively easy to settle down as a starting player, but Kim Ha-sung said he wanted to go to a team with good infielders and grow up. The coach said he could learn better if he saw the same players next to him. I also talked a lot with my family.

As explained by his aides, Kim Ha-sung chose the San Diego uniform, putting more weight on “challenge” and “learning.” Expectations are high that learning and gaining by playing side by side with the world’s top players on the dream stage regardless of their positions.

Kim Ha-sung has received attention from the U.S. media since he applied for the Major League posting. He gave high marks to young people in their mid-20s, rich experience, in-field utility skills, and slugging ability. In fact, San Diego, Toronto Blue Jays, Texas Rangers, and Boston Red Sox reportedly added specific offers 안전놀이터

The size of the contract has yet to be announced, but U.S. media reports said San Diego offered Kim a minimum four-year guarantee of $7 million to $8 million per year, while Toronto also offered a five-year long-term contract. After much consideration, Kim Ha-sung chose a team with many players who could learn a little more.

The shortstop and third baseman Kim Ha-sung, who mostly played in the KBO League, already have his owner. The shortstop is played by 21-year-old prodigy Fernando Tatis Jr. Tatis Jr. was the fourth-best player in the National League MVP voting in 2020. The third base is guarded by Machado, who signed a 10-year, $300 million contract in February last year. It is not easy to overcome the barriers of the league’s top prospects and ultra-high salaries.

That’s why San Diego considers Kim Ha-sung a second baseman. said, ‘In San Diego, Tatis Jr. and Machado have shortstop and third baseman positions, leaving a question mark on Kim Ha-sung’s contract. The team leaders think Kim Ha-sung is suitable for Jake Cronenworth’s second baseman Platoon partner. They are also thinking of sending Cronenworth out into the open field if necessary.’

Meanwhile, Kim Ha-sung left for the U.S. on Wednesday. U.S. media predict that San Diego will make an official announcement after Kim Ha-sung completes the medical test. It is heard that the timing of the announcement will not exceed this year.

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