Kim Garam, who got kicked out of Le Ceraphim will be a victim

Kim Garam, who got kicked out of Le Ceraphim will be a victim

Kim Garam, who got kicked out of Le Ceraphim will be a victim of school violence? A desk full of swear words

Kim Garam

Is Kim Garam, who was expelled from the group Le Ceraphim, having a hard time at school?

Photos introduced as “Kim Ga-ram’s Desk” are drawing attention in various online communities on the 1st. Kim Ga-ram’s name tag is on the desk, and various swear words are rampant at the bottom. It has not been confirmed whether Kim Garam in the photo is from Le Ceraphim or whether it is an actual desk.

However, Kim Ga-ram is known to be in the second grade of Seoul Performing Arts High School at the time of Le Ceraphim’s debut. It has not been disclosed whether Kim Garam will attend after leaving Le Ceraphim.

It has been revealed that Kim Garam was involved in school violence in the past when he was in middle school. Although the victim appeared, Kim Garam’s then agency Hive-Source Music pushed ahead with his debut. Kim Garam’s claim to school violence was countered by “spreading false facts.”

At that time, Kim Ga-ram made his debut as Le Seraphim under the protection of his agency. Kim Garam was active, winning first place in her debut song. In the meantime, the victim’s voice became even higher. In the end, Kim Ga-ram stopped working at Le Ceraphim three weeks after his debut, and two months later, his withdrawal was announced.

Hive-Source Music, which had complained of Kim Garam’s unfairness until the end, only announced the change in the five-member Le Ceraphim system. He did not mention any school violence cases or whereabouts related to Kim Ga-ram.

And Kim Garam, who returned as a student, is known to be suffering from abusive language at school. It is not known whether the released photo is true, but it is possible to guess that Kim Garam’s school life is not going smoothly

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