Keep that level Ok Joohyun’s cyberbullying vs Kim Hoyoung’s accusation

Keep that level Ok Joohyun’s cyberbullying vs Kim Hoyoung’s accusation

Keep that level Ok Joohyun’s cyberbullying vs Kim Hoyoung’s accusation


While the musical world is in turmoil over the accusations of Ok Joo-hyun and Kim Ho-young, seniors voiced their condemnation.

Nam Kyung-joo, Choi Jung-won, and Park Kal-rin, who are the first-generation musical actors, said on the 22nd, “Many people, including actors, staff, and production companies who love musicals, feel sorry and responsible for the recent accusations in the musical industry. In particular, we are even more grieved as the first generation of musical actors,” he said. “We couldn’t overlook this situation.”

They said, “The core of the musical is an ensemble between actors on stage, so you have to love, respect your fellow actors, and try to create a good atmosphere,” adding, “You have to focus on your original work of acting, but you shouldn’t violate the producer’s unique rights such as casting. The staff should listen to the actors, but for the convenience of some actors, they should keep the center of the work.”

In particular, “Production companies must do their best to keep the promises they make to the staff and actors they work with, and do not overstate the promises they cannot keep.” We need to make sure that the performance environment is fair to not only a few specific people, but also all the staff actors who participate, and we need to work at the forefront of making it an environment where everyone who participates can work with pride.”

Kim Ho-young recently posted a nuance that Ok Joo-hyun’s influence played a role in casting the musical “Elisabeth,” and his seniors seem to have stepped up when Ok Joo-hyun responded with a defamation lawsuit. Junior actors such as Jung Sun-ah, Kim So-hyun, Shin Young-sook, and Lee Sang-hyun posted this article side by side, and various staff and officials pressed like.

Some expressed concern that the cyberbullying surrounding Ok Joo-hyun (collective bullying on the Internet). It is bitter that the musical world has been divided by this incident. On the other hand, there is an opinion that Ok Joo-hyun should drop the lawsuit in line with the calls of his seniors to keep the right.

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