Jo Min, you’re a single mom and you want to be in the entertainment

Jo Min, you’re a single mom and you want to be in the entertainment

Jo Min, you’re a single mom and you want to be in the entertainment industry. It’s too late

Jo Min

Jo Min-ah, a former member of the group Jewelry, acknowledges the collapse of her family and dreams of working in the entertainment industry. He even informed the specific situation of finding the right company for him.

Cho Min-ah posted a long post on her Instagram on the 7th. It summarized the difficult situation again in May, starting with a series of revelations claiming domestic violence.

Cho Min-ah said, “I haven’t been able to sleep at all since the day I collapsed from hyperventilation due to extreme fear. I’m protected by emergency measures, but I’m still suffering from the past and unresolved problems,” he said again.

“I’m looking for wise ways in front of the reality that suddenly became the head of the household,” he wrote, virtually writing about his divorce from his husband.

Cho Min-ah, who said, “I really want to get out of the unfair situation of taking on debt,” said she is looking for a company to work with for her.

Cho Min-ah said, “I need to work to raise Kang-ho, so I hope there will be a reliable agency that I can enjoy working with. Since I don’t have an agency, broadcasting offers are coming straight into me, and I want to meet a good company that gives me greed for me and live actively in the present,” he said, expressing his active will for entertainment activities.

Jo Min-ah, who has expressed satisfaction with her marriage, said, “I didn’t mean to look harmonious, I lived ‘to be harmonious’. I had to stay bright somehow to protect the baby who was exposed to unstable situations with me and raise him bright and healthy,” he confessed, confessing that he lived a different reality than he had ever seen before.

Cho Min-ah, who complained about her husband earlier and explained that she was happy again, eventually belatedly admitted to her unhappy marriage.

Cho Min-ah said, “If I show the reality as it is, I was afraid that I would suddenly collapse into a weak woman in the reality of holding out as a mother,” and repeatedly vowed to raise my child with a single mom, saying, “I have a hard time, but I only think about our health and happiness.”

In November 2020, Cho Min-ah announced that she was pregnant before marriage with a representative of a fitness center six years older, and announced that she had registered her marriage three weeks after meeting. In the aftermath of Covid-19, the wedding took place in February 2021, and in June of that year, she gave birth to a son.

Despite concerns around her that it was too hasty marriage, Cho Min-ah shared her marriage with her husband in detail on her Instagram and blog. Meanwhile, Cho Min-ah complained about her husband and was satisfied again, but repeatedly expressed anxiety.

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