Jeong Eun-chae and Su-ji could not be in an equal position

Jeong Eun-chae and Su-ji could not be in an equal position

Jeong Eun-chae and Su-ji could not be in an equal position

Jeong Eun-chae

Actress Jung Eun-chae cited Hyun-joo’s charm, which she played in the Coupang Play series “Anna,” as an “unpredictable aspect.”

I met Jung Eun-chae, who starred in the Coupang Play series “Anna,” at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Seoul on the 7th. Jung Eun-chae played Hyun-joo, the former boss of Anna (Suzy), who enjoys a superior life with a lot of things from birth.

Hyun-joo is the only daughter of a wealthy family and runs a Mare Gallery owned by her father after studying abroad. I don’t care even though I unintentionally hurt someone because of my personality that doesn’t care about others. When the memory of Yumi, an employee at the end of the gallery, is blurred, she is reunited with Yumi, who became Anna at an unexpected place.

Jung Eun-chae recalled when she played the scene where Yumi and Hyun-joo met. He said, “I check other people’s conditions, but Hyun-joo is against it. My mood, my condition is important today. Even if this person is waiting for an interview, my business comes first regardless. In terms of society, there is no consideration. It was possible because it was set from the beginning as an unequal position,” he explained. “I talked to the director about whether it would be okay to see A’s relationship from the beginning in the scenario, but he didn’t compromise at all. The director’s stubborn personality and directing method melted down,” he said, admiring the high-quality directing.

Hyun-joo meets Yumi, who became Anna, in a luxury apartment where she lives. When she realizes that she has been lying, she tells Yumi, “Don’t take the elevator and go on the stairs.” Jung Eun-chae said, “I exist as a character in the field. I don’t feel a bit sorry or guilty, he said. “When I come back and monitor, I think ‘I don’t have any consideration.’ I wondered how embarrassing it would be to meet such a person in person,” he said in a behind-the-scenes story. “In the field, Yumi and Hyunjoo are ‘a relationship that cannot exist in the same space.’ It doesn’t matter to Hyun-joo how much Yumi’s status has risen over time and what background she has developed into. Our relationship is already high and low, so it is incomprehensible to go back and forth in the elevator together. Hyun-joo takes a consistent attitude no matter how hard she is in and how much she has to pay off her debts. That’s Hyun-joo’s charm,” he said.

Looking at the money Yumi has been struggling to get, Hyun-joo says, “If there is nothing in the world that money can’t do, maybe it’s because there’s not enough money.” Regarding the line, Jung Eun-chae said, “I thought the line was scary. It was very subtle because I thought it was a line that I couldn’t say easily, but I thought it wasn’t a line that didn’t make sense in the real world.” Also, it seems that Hyun-joo’s charm and three-dimensional character are revealed in that he spits out such unpredictable lines. I think that’s why viewers like it.”

“Anna” is a story of a woman who started a completely different life with a small lie. It was released on the 24th

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