It’s sold out Dance explosion at the wedding hall I’m so happy

It’s sold out Dance explosion at the wedding hall I’m so happy

It’s sold out Dance explosion at the wedding hall I’m so happy


Singer and actress Jang Na-ra (42) married a public six years younger today (26th), and wedding photos and videos are attracting fans’ attention in the online community.

Earlier, Jang Na-ra said on her official website on the 3rd, “I’m getting married. After two years of dating with a friend who is six years younger than me, I promised to be a partner in life, he said. “The reason why I decided to get married is because of my pretty smile, sincere and good heart, and above all, my sincere attitude toward my work.” I will live happily and happily,” said the sea, which received many blessings.

On the 26th, Jang Na-ra invited family members of both families, relatives and close colleagues from the entertainment industry to hold a small wedding ceremony with a 6-year-old junior lover. She and her new bridegroom have been quietly meeting for the past two years. The two are known to have formed a relationship through the drama “VIP,” which aired in 2019, and in particular, he was known as a filming director, drawing keen attention.

Among them, according to OSEN reports, Park Kyung-rim and Lee Soo-young were known to be MCs and sang a congratulatory song at Jang Na-ra’s wedding ceremony at Naegok-dong, Seoul, and Jung Yong-hwa, who worked with Jang Na-ra in KBS2 drama “Daebak Real Estate,” also sang a congratulatory song.

Jang Na-ra finally joined the ranks of married women, blessed not only by her colleagues but also by many people. As popular as it is, interest in her wedding is also high. Photos and videos of Jang Na-ra’s wedding were also released in various online communities, especially Jang Na-ra, who smiled with her unique rabbit-like visuals, and in one short video, she was seen dancing in a wedding dress, attracting fans’ attention at once. His clumsy and cute appearance caught the eye. Fans responded enthusiastically, saying, “This sister can’t escape her cuteness even at the wedding,” “How cute that she’s dancing in a wedding dress,” and “That’s why I’m falling in love with a groom who is six years younger.”

Jang Na-ra debuted in 2001 and has appeared in “The Successful Story of a Bright Girl,” “The Young Beauty,” “School 2013,” “I Love You Like Destiny,” “Mr. Back,” “Confession Couple,” and “Oh My Baby,” proving her to be a global star

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