It’s faster than Randy Johnson It’s not impossible to win

It’s faster than Randy Johnson It’s not impossible to win

It’s faster than Randy Johnson It’s not impossible to win the 158km flame 40 days away


Justin Verlander (39, Houston), a former MVP of the American League in 2011, has overcome two major trials. It made a comeback in what some called “dead cancer.” He also overcame the aftermath of elbow surgery in his late 30s.

Verlander, who has been called the “Geumgang Bulbul” by domestic fans by eating 200 innings every season as if he were eating, has seen a clear decline since 2013. The average four-seam fastball speed dropped sharply, losing its former power. From 2014 to 2017, the season from 31 to 34, the ERA rose to 3.59. The analysis that Verlander, who threw too much as a child, lost his vitality made sense.

But Verlander made a glaring comeback. He raised the average four-seam speed, which fell to 93 miles (150 kilometers), after hard work, and regained his All-Star status with 37 wins, 15 losses and a 2.55 ERA in 68 games in 2018 and 2019. However, the elbow ligament that had lasted for a long time eventually broke out. He threw only one game in the 2020 season and broke his ligament, and eventually left the battle line after being cursed by Tommy John. He spent a full year and a half in rehabilitation.

Whether Verlander can overcome this ordeal has received great attention along with achieving 300 wins in his personal career. Some predicted that even if Verlander, who took two years off, makes a comeback, it is uncertain whether he will be able to find his old pitch, and that 300 wins will be impossible due to age issues. However, more and more people have changed their minds after seeing the ball power this year. The opinion that “it would be possible if it were spread out” is raised.

Verlander, who signed a one-year, $25 million contract with Houston, has pitched 45ᆼ을 innings in his first seven games this year, with 5 wins, 1 loss and a 1.38 ERA. His batting average of 0.147 is competing for the league’s best, and he gave up only nine walks while striking out 41. The overall detailed indicators are also positive.

In the game against Washington at National Park on the 16th (Korea Standard Time), he won his fifth victory of the season (1 loss) with two hits, five strikeouts and no runs in five innings. At the beginning of the game, the score gap widened and he threw only five innings, but he showed off his good health, with his highest speed of 98.3 miles (159 kilometers). The ratio of sliders, the main weapon, missed swing reached 43%. It was a game where I could once again realize that Verlander’s organs were alive.

Verlander recorded his 231st career victory with the victory. It is a historic achievement and may be the last goal of Verlander’s individual, but there are now 69 wins left until 300 wins. Even if you win 15 games a season, you need five seasons, including this year. Considering age, even if there is a big injury, the challenge is over. No matter how much a Verlander is, the possibility of achievement is difficult to grasp 토토사이트

However, it is not impossible to see Randy Johnson, who has played until his 40s based on his powerful body and ball power. It was when Johnson was 40 years and 7 months old that he achieved 231 wins in his career. Verlander is 39 years old and two months old, a year earlier. As he successfully completed rehabilitation after undergoing elbow surgery, there is little chance that problems will occur in the same area for the time being. Verlander’s journey, which has demonstrated that it is still competitive, will continue until he decides to suspend himself

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