It’s a new history for anyone but Otani Guerrero is more competitive

It’s a new history for anyone but Otani Guerrero is more competitive

It’s a new history for anyone but Otani Guerrero is more competitive than PS


In the Major League, where last-minute competition is fierce for advancing to the postseason, a fiery MVP showdown will take place between the two- and-bat combined jobs and the triple-cround.

The U.S. media have begun to predict the possibility of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Toronto) winning a triple crown. Guerrero Jr. hit his 44th home run of the season with a solo home run against Baltimore on the 13th, rising to the top of the most home runs alongside Otani.

However, Guerrero Jr. is ranked first with a batting average of 0.319 and 170 hits until the 13th. He ranked third in the league with 102 RBIs and a slugging percentage of 0.609, second after Otani (0.611). He is five RBIs behind No. 1 Jose Abreu. Throughout the Major League, Guerrero ranks first in home runs, second in batting average, 0.004 behind Starling Marte, and third in RBI, five behind Abreille.

Above all, the history of triple crowns is rare. Guerrero is currently the only player in the American League who is challenging the triple crown, the official Major League website said. Guerrero will be the first player in 65 years to challenge the batting triple crown throughout the Major League, he said. In the American League, only Miguel Cabrera (Detroit) achieved a triple crown in 2012 over the past 60 years since Carl Yastremski (Boston) in 1967 until last year. No player has been ranked No. 1 in major batting categories in both major leagues since Mickey Mentle in 1956.

Winning a triple crown that sweeps batting average, home runs, and RBIs, which are also considered key in the batting category, could have a decisive impact on MVP selection.

This season’s American League MVP competition has led to Otani’s overwhelming dominance. Otani is currently a pitcher with 9 wins and 2 losses, a 3.36 ERA, and a batting average of 0.259 as a batter with 44 home runs and 94 RBIs. He has won double-digit home runs as a pitcher for the first time in 103 years since Babe Ruth and is challenging the record of double-digit home runs as a batter. Home runs have consistently maintained the top spot.

Although there was no competitor for MVP because it was such a historic and symbolic two-and-two job, Guerrero Jr. recently followed Toronto’s momentum with explosive firepower, creating variables in the MVP competition. As there is also a view in the region that Guerrero Jr.’s performance is likely to challenge MVP, opinions are confronting Otani, who can challenge both two and other jobs.

If both triple crowns and double-digit records are achieved at the same time, they are all huge major league records. As a result, competition for home run king is likely to lead to MVP decision. If Otani wins the home run king, he will easily head to MVP, but if Guerrero Jr. wins the home run king, Otani will probably have to challenge the MVP without a personal title.

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