I’m going to be a gold dombele soon, and I’m going to be a full-time

I’m going to be a gold dombele soon, and I’m going to be a full-time

I’m going to be a gold dombele soon, and I’m going to be a full-time silver dombele. I can do better.


Tottenham Hotspur had the right eye. Thanggui Ndombele (25) is playing well enough for the club record.

Tottenham poured 60 million euros (about 80.2 billion won), the club’s highest transfer fee, last season, bringing in Ndombele. He wanted Ndombele to take a definite position in line with the flow of changes in the midfield. However, Ndombele failed to meet expectations due to frequent injuries and sluggishness 토토추천

With the appointment of Jose Mourinho, Ndombele’s position became narrower. It was said that the two clashed, and it was widely believed that Ndombele would transfer in just one season. Outlook, eundom Welle helped Mourinho spat venom, he will be able to settle down very well and remain in Tottenham.

Now I’m seeing the light of waiting. Ndombele has already played 24 games, including 16 in the league this season. Compared to the 29 games he played in last season, his position has definitely changed. Above all, full-time digestion has increased.

With sufficient time guaranteed, draw a definite upward curve. Ndombele recently scored two goals in four league matches. He stood as a card to solve Tottenham’s problem, which lacks the creativity of the attack. The amount of activity is also significant. In the match against Sheffield United, where he scored a fantastic goal, he jumped 10.94 kilometers to show off his team’s best performance.

The key point is full time. Mourinho said, “Ndombele has played full-time two or three times these days. It is not easy for a midfielder to continue to show intense football. We trust him,” he said.

It is a factor to expect a greater silver dombele. “Ndombele has played a pivotal role in Tottenham’s cruise so far. The fact that he can now play 90 minutes regularly suggests that he can show more. “The best silver Dombele is coming soon,” he said. “I’m sure it’ll turn into gold.

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