I want to work with Alexa BBMAs the honor

I want to work with Alexa BBMAs the honor

I want to work with Alexa BBMAs the honor of meeting DaoCat


Singer Alexa (AleXa, Kim Seri) expressed her feelings about the ceramic cat she faced through the “Billboard Music Awards.”

Alexa held a press conference on her return to Korea at Blue Square Chaos Hall in Hannam-dong, Seoul, on the 19th.

On the same day, Alexa recalled the ceramic cat she met at the “Billboard Music Awards” and said, “It’s so cool and it’s an honor. I want to work with him, he said. “The ceramic cat was very interested in the accessories on my ear.”

CEO Kim Joon-hong said, “Wonderland is about a story that happens in your imagination. In the first stage, the story of falling into a wormhole, and in the second and third stages, the story of Alexa becoming a queen was put together to create a storyline,” he said adding, “I tried to express a proper Queen’s stage.” I used a lot of equipment to raise the chair when directing the stage, and the best stunt team also supported me.”

Alexa previously won the final title with overwhelming viewer votes on the final stage of the “American Song Contest,” which aired on the 10th (local time). The American Song Contest is the largest all-live music contest in which 56 artists representing 50 states and five foreign territories compete for the top U.S. hit. Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg were the MCs, and a large number of world-class pop stars appeared, drawing a lot of attention locally.

Alexa, a former Korean-American, participated as an Oklahoma representative at the “American Song Contest” and won positive reviews by creating a perfect stage with the song “Wonderland.” Alexa worked perfectly with the dancers with a red cloth wrapped around her body, and the performance of jumping up the stairs and falling like throwing herself away also gave a fresh shock.

Alexa has stepped up her full-fledged solo career with her debut song “Bomb” since she made her name known as Mnet’s “Produce 48” in 2018. Alexa quickly drew attention by winning the 2020 Asian Artist Awards AAA Focus Award and the 2021 Asian Artist Awards Singer Potential Award in a row, giving fans intensity with the trendy concept of AI in multi-universe. Since then, Alexa has continued her global performance with her new song “TATTOO” released in January.

Alexa later appeared at the Billboard Music Awards on the 16th as the winner of the “American Song Contest” and finished recording NBC’s “Kelly Clarkson Show.” After that, Alexa returned home after a busy schedule, holding fan signing events in Las Vegas and Los Angeles

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