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I haven’t talked to the head of a star disclosure team who

I haven’t talked to the head of a star disclosure team who has been crying out of PS for 20 years


The Seattle Mariners have failed to advance to the postseason for 20 years. The franchise star said goodbye with a record of disgrace for the longest time among the four major professional sports in the U.S. Kyle Seager (34), who played 11 years as Seattle’s leading third baseman, shed tears.

Seattle lost 3-7 in the final game of the season against the LA Angels on the 4th (Korea Standard Time), and wild card hope disappeared. He had a 90-win (72 losses) season for the first time in 18 years, but autumn baseball was unfortunately frustrated. He has failed to advance to the postseason for 20 years since 2002.

Seattle manager Scott Service said after the game, “The team as a whole has made a lot of progress. “It’s a pity that we couldn’t cross the last line to the playoffs, but our future is very bright,” he said, appeasing his disappointment and promising the next time.

However, it was sadness itself for a player who could not be with Seattle’s future. The main character is Seager, who is likely to leave the team at the end of this season. The service manager brought third baseman Seager to the bench during the ninth defensive inning when the game was in full swing. Seager gave him time to say goodbye with a standing ovation from fans.

Seager, who shed tears while hugging his colleagues one by one, took off his hat and raised his hands to greet the cheers of 44,229 spectators, expressing his gratitude. Seattle Stadium management also picked the third base and delivered it to Seager in commemoration.

Seager, who made his major league debut in Seattle in 2011, has played 1,480 games in 11 years so far this year, recording a batting average of .251-1,395 hits, 242 home runs, and 807 RBIs.763. Seattle franchise’s all-time games, home runs, and RBIs ranked fourth. He became an All-Star in 2014 and spent his best season receiving the Gold Glove. He has consistently maintained Seattle’s centerline with nine home runs in 20 home runs seasons alone, including 35 home runs this year.

However, Seattle, which has a $20 million team option for next season’s annual salary and incentives, will not exercise it and pay $2 million in buyouts to send him away.

Seager, who recorded the most 35 home runs and 101 RBIs this season, however, saw his productivity drop significantly to a batting average of .202 with an OPS of .723. Considering the age of his mid-30s, Seattle has decided not to pay a large amount of $20 million. Both Seager and fans predicted the last moment with the elimination of the fall baseball league, and after leaving the team he had been attached to for 11 years, his emotions were greatly overwhelmed.

After the game, Seager said, “Before the start of the ninth inning, I thought it might be the last time when I saw the Boston Red Sox winning. Emotions intensified after hearing the fans’ slogans. I tried to calm down my emotions, but the cheers of fans grew bigger. “It was a really special moment,” he said adding, “I wanted to be a player who plays every day while in Seattle. “I did my best, and I helped not only me but also other players to make the team better,” he looked back.

However, he expressed regret over Seattle general manager Jerry Dipoto. Seager said, “I haven’t heard anything from Depoto regarding my future next year. He probably couldn’t talk to the depot leader for four years. We couldn’t communicate at all. “Even if I met him in the hall, I just passed by,” he confessed.

He played for 11 years as a representative player of the team, but expressed regret over the poor treatment of General Manager Dipoto. In the process of trading the closer Kendall Braveman to the Houston Astros at the end of July, Depoto worked without sufficient explanation or delivery to the team, sparking internal backlash.

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