I couldn’t even save the bishopric Idol band Panchi’s marriage

I couldn’t even save the bishopric Idol band Panchi’s marriage

I couldn’t even save the bishopric Idol band Panchi’s marriage acting skills are on the cutting board


Was actress Jung So-min, who has been in her 13th year since her debut, not enough to lead both rookies and idols? Even though tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Marriage” pushed ahead with the unconventional choice of replacing the female lead, awkward acting skills were on the cutting board due to the harsh fantasy setting.

“Marriage” is a work that tells the story of young warriors dealing with the celestial spirit. It is a new work by Hong Sisters, who are strong in fantasy locos such as the dramas “My Girlfriend is Gumiho,” “The Sun of the Lord,” “A Korean Odyssey,” and “Hotel Del Luna,” and attention has been paid to how the fresh genre of fantasy romance will unfold along with the unique subject of marriage.

However, “Marriage” was engulfed by the noise of the female bishop even before the broadcast. Park Hye-eun, a new actress who was cast as the main character for the first time, decided to drop out due to “pressure” even though she had her first shoot.

At the time, “Hannon” said, “Actor Park Hye-eun dropped out in consultation with the production team. Despite being a rookie actor, we prepared hard for each other, but we have felt a lot of pressure to lead the play as the main character of a big project drama,” he said, adding that he decided to drop out in respect of the mutual opinions of the production team and actors.

News that a new actor is dropping out of a large-scale drama due to pressure is unusual. Netizens also responded that it was shocking. In response, one media reported that the reason for Park Hye-eun’s departure was her lack of acting skills. In response, Park Hye-eun said on her SNS, “It was a shame and complicated, but I hope you finish it well without any problems with your marriage.” Even if it’s tangled, I think it’s a good intention of each person,” he said, indirectly refuting it by posting a video of the filming of “Marriage.”

Yeoju’s absence was filled by Jung So-min, who has been more than 10 years since her debut, not a rookie. However, “Marriage,” which cast idol members from group NU’EST Hwang Min-hyun to OH MY GIRL Arin as the main characters, prevented them from properly immersing themselves in fantasy settings with their acting skills that could not keep up with their visuals.

In particular, Arin, who started acting in earnest through this work, appeared with a family treasure, Guigoo, and showed a fierce relationship with Lee Jae-wook (played by Jang Wook), who broke up his marriage, but his firm expression and awkward voice reduced the immersion of the play.

In addition, most of the men, including Lee Jae-wook, Hwang Min-hyun, and Yoo In-soo, are actors who do not have much experience in acting, and they cannot naturally integrate into the fantasy setting, which is dominated by CG. On top of that, the appearance of yellow dyed hair did not arouse deep sympathy from viewers as the content of the sick king marrying a sorcerer, coveting his wife, and making Salsu his teacher who killed countless people.

The ratings are half as high as the previous movie “Our Blues.” The last episode of “Our Blues” ended with 14.6%, but the first episode of “Middle” fell sharply to 5.2%.

Will Hong Sisters, who have shown the fantasy world through renowned actors such as Yeo Jin-gu, IU So Ji-seop, Gong Hyo-jin, Lee Seung-gi and Shin Min-ah, be able to convince viewers of the “marriage” only with the combination of new actors and Jung So-min? Even though he used a card called the patriarchal system, he said, “Hwan.”

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