Houston who wanted to reinforce the catcher has already

Houston who wanted to reinforce the catcher has already

Houston who wanted to reinforce the catcher has already missed four players, so will they aim for the remaining FA resources?


The Houston Astros have kept an eye on all their resources this offseason, hoping to reinforce their catcher, but have yet to recruit any players.

Houston was linked to a variety of catchers after the season. He strongly wanted Wilson Contreras and showed interest in Christian Vazquez and Tucker Van Hart, who were in Houston last year.

In addition, according to ‘MLB Trade Lumus (MLBTR), he reportedly contacted the Oakland Athletics to recruit Sean Murphy as a trade.

However, Contreras moved to the St. Louis Cardinals, Vazquez to the Minnesota Twins, Van Hart to the Chicago Cubs, and Murphy to the Atlanta Braves. There, Murphy signed a long-term contract on a six-year contract.

Houston started last season with Jason Castro, Martin Maldonado and a catcher duo. He recruited Vázquez ahead of the trade deadline and even won the World Series.

However, Castro announced his retirement after the season, and Vázquez left the team for FA. Main catcher Maldonado is still on the team, but he is in the final season of his 37-year-old contract.

Corey Lee, the team’s seventh-ranked prospect, made his debut last season, and Yiner Diaz, the team’s third-ranked prospect, is preparing to make his debut, but he needs a main catcher.

Houston also recognizes that action should be taken. But the best options have all found a new team.

MLBTR said, “Gary Sanchez, Roberto Perez, and Jorge Alfaro remain in the market. “They are all good players, but they are considered one level lower than the players I have been aiming for.”

Houston, which aims to win the World Series again this season, has a strong lineup. However, it will not be an easy challenge unless the catcher position, which is considered the only weakness, is reinforced 토토

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