Horrible Holland! A monster’s warning’…’ “I have to hunt Arsenal

Horrible Holland! A monster’s warning’…’ “I have to hunt Arsenal

Horrible Holland! A monster’s warning’…’ “I have to hunt Arsenal


The ‘monster’ eerie warning letter headed for Arsenal.

British media Daily Mail reported on the 28th that Holland (Manchester City) has vowed to hunt Arsenal.

Arsenal are currently leading the English Premier League (PL). It is at the top of the ranking table with 13 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss, and 40 points. Recently, he has been undefeated (8 wins and 1 draw) in 9 consecutive games, including 4 consecutive league wins.

Manchester City is closely chasing after it. Manchester City is in second place after Arsenal with 11 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses, and 35 points. He has recorded four wins and one loss in the last five games.

Holland is at the forefront of the pursuit of Manchester City. He is experiencing the Premier League for the first time this season, but he does not need an adaptation period. In the last match against Leeds United, he added two more goals, reaching the 20th goal mark in 14 league matches.

Holland, who is far ahead of second-place Harry Kane (13 goals, Tottenham Hotspur) in the scoring competition, has even written a new history of the league. He became the fastest player in Premier League history to score 20 goals. This is an achievement achieved even after playing seven games less than the previous No. 1 Kevin Phillips (21 games).

Holland has declared a chase for Arsenal. “Now we have to catch up with Arsenal. “We have to show who is the best team,” he said, expressing his determination.

He is determined to focus his efforts on chasing the league and Arsenal as he failed to play in the World Cup. Holland said: “I was at home and I was a little upset that I couldn’t go to the World Cup. In the meantime, I charged my battery,” he said, adding that he had enough rest.

Holland said, “It’s both annoying and motivating to see another player score a goal and win the World Cup. “I’m hungry more than ever now,” he said, signaling the instinct of a hungry monster. 안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Manchester City and Arsenal are scheduled to face off in mid-February 2023. In the meantime, Manchester City has to go beyond three consecutive games in the league, leading to Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham. Arsenal must also overcome the match against Newcastle United, Tottenham, and Manchester United to play a real game.

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