Ferdinand, “Park Ji-sung is the best player “

Ferdinand, “Park Ji-sung is the best player “

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand thinks Park Ji-sung and Son Heung-min are the best players in Asia.

Ferdinand said on his YouTube channel Five, “I was asked if Son Heung-min was the best Asian player to come to the Premier League,” and expressed his thoughts based on his experience.

Of course, he mentioned his old colleague Park Ji-sung. Ferdinand and Park Ji-sung played together for Manchester United and maintained a good relationship. Ferdinand even participated in the charity match hosted by Park Ji-sung.

Ferdinand said, “I’ve played many players. “I especially played with Park Ji-sung, the best player and the best pro,” he said. “I want to put Park Ji-sung on the team,” adding, “The best player in Asia was Park Ji-sung.”

“Park Ji-sung erased Andrea Piro from the game. “I was up all night with a nightmare because of Park Ji-sung,” he said, recalling the Manchester United-AC Milan match where Park blocked him in the past.

He continued, “The player I want to take to Manchester United now is Son Heung-min. One of the first players I want to pick is definitely one of my top three players,” he said, adding that Son Heung-min is currently the best player in Asia.

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