Evidence that Han Ye-seul is suspected of working in a Burning Sun

Evidence that Han Ye-seul is suspected of working in a Burning Sun

Evidence that Han Ye-seul is suspected of working in a Burning Sun actress’ business.


YouTuber foot-and-mouth disease refuted rumors surrounding actress Han Ye-seul.

Foot-and-mouth disease posted a video titled “Why Kim Yong-ho’s shooting Han Yeseul was wrong” on his personal YouTube channel on the 3rd. Previously, YouTuber Kim Yong-ho claimed that Han Ye-seul was a “Burning Sun drug actress H” in May. At that time, he presented a picture taken by Han Ye-seul at a club in the past as evidence related to the “Burning Sun drug actress rumor.”

In response, foot-and-mouth disease refuted Kim Yong-ho’s revelation, saying, “It is a false shot when judging the photo released by Kim Yong-ho based on such claims.” He then said, “Kim Yong-ho claims that the place in the picture is the VIP room of Burning Sun and Han Ye-seul took drugs here. Kim Sang-kyo said he saw celebrities taking drugs at Burning Sun on November 24, 2018 at the “JM Solution X Burning Sun Party,” adding, “The picture that Kim Yong-ho revealed was not a VIP room of Burning Sun or a picture of a drug party.” Han Yeseul was at the Burning Sun Hall table. It’s right next to the stage. The dates are different, too. It was taken before November 2nd.

He also spoke about Kim Yong-ho’s claim that Han Ye-seul worked as an employee at an entertainment bar when she was living in the U.S. “Kim Yong-ho claimed that Han Ye-seul worked in a business called ‘family’, ‘garam’ and ‘bacus’, and based on the information mail, it is also not true that Han Ye-seul claimed that he worked in a business even after working as a supermodel.”

“After checking the copy of the U.S. real estate register, the place called ‘family’ started operations after 2009,” he said. “Han Yeseul is already a star at that time.” Regarding “Garam,” Kim Yong-ho said, “Han Ye-seul won first place in the 2000 U.S. Super Model Competition, so there were many customers.” “But in 2000, the U.S. Super Model Competition was never held.” The U.S. Congress was held on July 14, 2001. Han Ye-seul said, “I was already undergoing joint training in Korea a week after winning the U.S. championship.”

Finally, foot-and-mouth disease is also a lie to work at a business called Bacchus. Bacchus began operations on March 1, 2002. Han Ye-seul was already active in the entertainment industry in 2002 in Korea, adding, “There was not only a video that appeared on ‘Truth Game’ on January 25 of that year, but also a regular appearance on ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’.”

Meanwhile, Han Ye-seul sued Kim Yong-ho and other malicious commentators for defamation and insults through the law firm Pacific Ocean in June.

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