Even white women’s clothing models sell more than 100

Even white women’s clothing models sell more than 100

Even white women’s clothing models sell more than 100 sheets every day


Seo Ha-yan, wife of singer and actor Lim Chang-jung, was selected as the ambassador for the women’s clothing brand.

Seo Ha-yan, who recently appeared on SBS entertainment show “Same Dream 2 – You Are My Destiny,” boasted cool features and a pure image.

He was well liked as he was seen as a working mother who skillfully took care of her five sons and did not only housework but also company work.

Seo Ha-yan was selected as Ambassador for women’s clothing designer brand Lang & Lu and shot a summer campaign pictorial. Wearing a yellow chiffon dress, West White showed off her incredible beauty as the mother of five sons in a pictorial

“Seo White is the muse of a brand that lives in modern society with positive energy,” said two designers of Lang&Lu. “She is a great inspiration to the brand as she produced ‘Jandress’ while thinking of Seo White.”

“Mr. Seohayan is a long-time customer of Lang&Lu, and he often wears Lang&Lu’s costumes through broadcasts and personal SNS, which makes this relationship even more special,” he said

A brand official said, “The green goddess dress worn by Seo White in LA is gaining huge popularity, with more than 100 orders coming in every day as soon as it is posted on SNS.”

The concept of this pictorial is “I Shine in Daily Life,” which is about cherishing and loving yourself like a special protagonist even in everyday life. Seo White, who wore a total of 10 costumes, showed a variety of charms, ranging from a girl-like figure wearing a fedora and a shy smile to the mature aspect of the red dress

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