Drama production companies trying to catch Jang Wonyoung

Drama production companies trying to catch Jang Wonyoung

Drama production companies trying to catch Jang Wonyoung

Jang Wonyoung

Jang Wonyoung of Group Ive emerged as the number one candidate for the expected acting idol cast.

Many drama scripts are directed at Jang Won-young. Although he has no acting experience, he said he would cast even at the risk of taking risks, and many production teams have started to catch Jang Won-young.

One of the strengths of Yeondo-dol is its buzz and popularity. Jang Won-young has become an icon in Ive, which is so popular among teenagers that she is called the president of elementary school. When taking pictures on SNS such as Instagram and TikTok, the so-called “Jang Won-young Filter” that decorates them like Jang Won-young appears, drawing attention. With this level of popularity and attention, the production team is sending love calls, saying, “Would you like to try acting?”

A drama production official said, “Jang Won-young is now in charge of the advertising model of the telecommunications company that has made Seol-hyun an icon. It tells Jang Won-young’s issue and starliness well, he said. “If you just recruit Jang Won-young, it’s a party that has set aside the topic of conversation.”

It also has the potential. Although he has a strong image of “Produce 48,” IZ*ONE’s center, and I’ve as a main member, drama production officials say he has the potential to transform into an actor as much as he wants.

An official from the production said, “The character with a young age or a luxurious princess image fits well with Jang Won-young. He said, “I don’t have an acting career, but I think I can pull it off because the image fits well,” adding, “Some writers have Jang Won-young in mind as a character in the play from the first time they wrote the script.” This is why, of course, the script is handed over first, he said.

However, it is expected that it will be difficult to see Jang Won-young acting easily. This is due to the hectic schedule due to Ive activities and shooting various advertisements. 부산출장마사지

Another drama production official said, “As overseas activities, which had been blocked by the COVID-19 pandemic, resume, it is difficult to digest activities other than Ive for the next two years. In particular, in the case of drama appearances, they have to stick to acting for at least a few months, which is almost impossible. Nevertheless, Jang Won-young is still the number one recruitment by various writers and directors,” he said.

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