Don’t put on that lipstick, Wonjin. Rowoon? The more you know

Don’t put on that lipstick, Wonjin. Rowoon? The more you know

Don’t put on that lipstick, Wonjin. Rowoon? The more you know, the more open you are.


“Senior, don’t put on lipstick” actors Won Jin-ah and Rowoon revealed their collaboration with each other.

On the 8th, Won Jin-ah and Rowoon of JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Senior, Don’t Apply Gripstick” shared their teamwork with the first two shots to commemorate D-10 on the show.

In the released photo, the handsome men and women of good-looking men and women of Won Jin-ah (played by Yoon Song-ah) and Ro-woon (played by Chae Hyun-seung) who posed with hearts and thumbs are drawing attention. Above all, Won Jin-ah exudes a relaxed force like a senior, while Rowoon shows a newbie’s spirit and passion. As such, the opposite atmosphere of the two, who will present romance as seniors and juniors in the drama, doubles the thrill, heightening interest in the drama.

Regarding the two’s breathing, Won Jin-ah said, “The more I knew, the more I knew, the more open I thought Rowoon was,” adding, “He is as bright and humorous as I expected, so he is creating a passionate filming site by exchanging honest opinions with the director, staff, and colleagues around him about the work. Thanks to this, we are having fun filming in an atmosphere full of laughter.”

Ro Woon also said about Won Jin-ah, “I tried to fill it up by talking a lot about the script even before shooting. Despite the need for a little distance depending on the initial setting, we became so close to each other in the preparation process that it was a problem,” he said, making people wonder about the combination of the two.

He is friendly not only in his work but also in the actual filming site.Viewers are paying keen attention to how the chemistry between Won Jin-ah and Rowoon, who are immersed in Gam Han-sun and his juniors, will be expressed.

Meanwhile, “Senior, Don’t Put on Gripstick” will premiere at 9 p.m. on Wednesday.

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