Dodgers 70 percent winning rate 161km sinker ball with sore shoulders

Dodgers 70 percent winning rate 161km sinker ball with sore shoulders

Dodgers 70 percent winning rate 161km sinker ball with sore shoulders out in the first half


Bad news has been heard for the LA Dodgers, which have established itself as the best team in the National League this season. said on the 10th (Korea Standard Time), “Right-hander Blake Traynen (34), the Dodgers’ must-win team, will be difficult to play in the first half due to right shoulder inflammation.”

Trinen has a 3.00 ERA with one win, one loss and one hold in three games this season. After complaining of shoulder pain after the match against Cincinnati on the 15th of last month, he was immediately placed on the injured list (IL).

Initially, the Dodgers responded, “Trainen will not leave for long.” However, even after nearly a month, his shoulder condition is showing no signs of improvement. The detailed diagnosis revealed that there was no major problem, and the Dodgers decided to choose rehabilitation for now.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts (50) said of Trinen’s current situation, “He’s still not even playing catch,” adding, “So his return schedule has not been set.” He said, “I will do everything I can to help Trainen return in the second half of the season.”

The media said, “The Dodgers expected to return in the second half in consideration of the specificity of the injured area, but they have not revealed the exact plan.” He then predicted, “Maybe it’s right after the All-Star Game, or he can rehabilitate for a longer time.”

Trinen is a strong sinker who hit a maximum speed of 100.1 miles per hour last year. After moving to the Dodgers in 2020, he became the main player in winning the World Series, and last year, he pitched in 72 games and became the core of the bullpen with 6 wins, 5 losses, 7 saves, and 32 holds with a 1.99 ERA. In particular, he recorded 85 strikeouts in 72이닝 innings, recovering his past strikeout ability.

The Dodgers have a winning percentage of 0.704 (19 wins and 8 losses) as of the 10th, ranking first in the National League overall. In particular, players with experience in finishing in other teams, such as Craig Kimbrel (34) and Daniel Hudson (35), are playing well in the bullpen and locking the back door tightly.

In this situation, the Dodgers were troubled by the management of the relief team as Trainen, who had to establish himself as a setup man, left due to physical condition problems.

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