Do I have to wear a suit to be the director? The dress code

Do I have to wear a suit to be the director? The dress code

Do I have to wear a suit to be the director? The dress code of the head coach is changing.


The era has come when the stereotype of “basketball coach = suit” disappears. As early as the opening game, many coaches are expected to lead the players in Kara T-shirts.

KBL changed its management guidelines for the 2021-2022 season. Section 3 of the Competition Operation Guidelines Article 41 (coach and coach attire) was revised to “dress up as coaches and coaches of each team can wear suits (wearing shirts or turtleneck sweaters) or unified clothing (collar T-shirts, etc.) during official games.” Until last season, the costumes of coaches and coaches were defined as suits or hanbok.

This is an early change in NBA. NBA allowed coaches and coaches of each team to wear unified Kara T-shirts after the 2019-2020 season, which was suspended in the aftermath of COVID-19, resumed on the Orlando Bubble.

This was an issue that was steadily discussed among coaches even before the season was suspended. Rick Carlyle, the current coach of the Indiana Pacers, who was the head of the supervisory association at the time, collected opinions from the coaches and allowed them to wear Kara T-shirts on the bubble. It was a test level, but the directors’ satisfaction was very high. Kara T-shirt was also worn by coaches in the 2020-2021 season, making it a dress code that successfully settled in NBA.

KBL then changed the manager’s outfit, and most of the coaches responded positively. Following last year, the coaching staff led the game in a unified Kara T-shirt at this year’s cup competition, and after the recent end of Media Day, coaches of each team exchanged opinions on the unification of their costumes.

Team A officials suggested sticking to suits at the club level. However, most coaches reportedly agreed to play in Kara T-shirts together from the first game of the season on the 9th. Some teams have already finished making long-sleeved collared T-shirts.

Some coaches responded that they were still cautious. Team B coach said, “From the coach’s point of view, Kara T-shirt is definitely comfortable. It’s not necessarily neat when you wear a suit. However, I’m also worried about how the audience will look at it,” he said 토토추천

On the other hand, some teams have the view that Kara T-shirts can be used as a marketing tool. In fact, golfers engrave advertisements on Kara T-shirts, participate in competitions, and actively use them as marketing tools.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation and head coach Yoo Do-hoon are even thinking of engraving a club sponsor advertisement on a Kara T-shirt. Coach Yoo Do-hoon said, “If you look at the golf broadcast, the players put advertisements on the back of their shoulders or on the part with collars. It’s not a contract with the sponsor, but can’t we expect an advertising effect? Sponsors who help our team may like it if they see this part. First of all, we are thinking of promoting the Korea Gas Corporation first, he said.

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