Darvish’s new worry. I want to gain weight San Diego

Darvish’s new worry. I want to gain weight San Diego

Darvish’s new worry. I want to gain weight.


Darvish Yu (34), who moved to San Diego, confessed that he was worried about increasing his body temperature.

Darvish made his first appearance on the “Live BP” on the 26th (Korea time) to check his pitching sense against San Diego batters 파워볼사이트

In response to the online coverage after practice, he expressed satisfaction, saying, “Today, I was able to throw well and healthy.”

However, he also confessed that he had concerns. He said there are concerns that he has yet to resolve ahead of the exhibition game on March 1.

Darvish said, “As expected, the camp’s task is to eat, in the past several months’ task is to eat. I think it will be hard if I don’t eat a little harder, so I want to gain more weight. “That’s all I think about,” he said of the loss of appetite. “I think that’s where I feel the oldest. The weakest part of me is there. “Think that the weakest thing is becoming a problem, and it depends on how you think about it, but anyway, eating is a problem.”

Although he is worried about the impact of his weight loss on the pitch, Darubish threw a powerful ball in his first pitch. Even though it was his first live pitching, he was shot 95 miles (about 153 kilometers).

Darvish said, “I was a little relieved that I didn’t have to worry about losing control, and I’m very happy that the breaking ball was cut off a lot.”

Darvish also said he tested the two-seam grip of Junichi Dragons ace Ono, and it worked well for the batter. “The ball didn’t go the way I wanted it to, but the batters rarely hit it.”

This season, chances are high that Darvish will see a new two-seam.

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