Darvish I didn’t bring him here to do this but pressure from

Darvish I didn’t bring him here to do this but pressure from

Darvish I didn’t bring him here to do this but pressure from the U.S media began


San Diego, which experienced autumn baseball last year under the shortened season system, is ready to run properly ahead of this season. Ahead of the season, he emerged as the main character of the off-season by carrying out a number of trades that could attract the league’s attention.

San Diego, where the starting lineup was a problem, recruited ace players named Darvish Yu and Blake Snell at once. Along with a one-two punch called Darvish-Snell, San Diego was determined to break the stronghold of the LA Dodgers, the strongest player in the western part of the National League. Until the middle of the season, there was a possibility. The team was excited and had an advantage over the Dodgers in their opponent’s performance.

However, as he began to lose strength after the middle of the season, he is now in a position to worry about the wild card race. It is also interesting that San Diego began to sag in line with Darvish’s sluggish period.

Darvish performed well with 7 wins, 3 losses and a 3.09 ERA in 18 games in the first half. He was an ace, but he has 1 win, 7 losses and a 7.20 ERA in 9 games in the second half. It’s an incredible grade.

CBS Sports of the U.S. also reported on the 16th (Korea Standard Time) that Darvish is one of the most pressured players in the future by combining team circumstances and individual performance degradation. For San Diego to go to the postseason, Darvish’s rebound is essential. Personally, recovery of honor is urgently needed.

CBS Sports said, “Darvish has a 5.74 ERA in the last 11 games and has also been listed on the injured list. San Diego did not bring Darvish to trade to do this. They traded Darvish to make a difference, and he was actually such a pitcher early in the season, he pointed out.

CBS Sports pointed out that Darvish’s rebound is essential in order for San Diego not to face the embarrassing consequences of its failure to advance to the postseason. In particular, Blake Snell, another wing of the starting lineup, has shown good performance recently. He added that it is even more so if he has left due to an internal transfer injury.

It is also an important time for Darvish. Darvish, whose career seemed to be on the decline, rose splendidly last year when he was a member of the Cubs and ranked second in the National League Cy Young vote. However, if this year is wrapped up in a sluggish trend, it cannot be free from skepticism that “the heyday is over.” Attention is focusing on what Darvish will show in his future schedule with only a few games left.

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