Dali pays the biggest luxury tax in Lakers’ history

Dali pays the biggest luxury tax in Lakers’ history

Dali pays the biggest luxury tax in Lakers’ history.


The Lakers are pouring a lot of money into power.

The Los Angeles Lakers now have a luxury tax worth about $42 million, said Bobby Marx, a reporter for ESPN. The figure is the highest luxury tax in the club’s history,” he added.

The Lakers have recruited a number of big names such as Camel Anthony and Dwight Howard, starting with Russell Westbrook, one of the most shocking transfers in the trade market. In addition, Trevor Ariza, Wayne Ellington, Malik Monk, Kendrick Nun and Kent Bayesmore are having a successful off-season.

According to sources from league official Kate Smith, all of the Lakers’ players are now on a minimal contract. And the Lakers could be looking for an additional bid for the $5.9 million Mid-Level Exception (MLE).

The Lakers are currently in a situation where Dennis Schroeder and their mutual requirements do not meet and could be sent away. On top of that, the Lakers still want to reinforce their guards. There are still many guards in the FA market that can help the Lakers strengthen their power.

Now that the trade market is not over, the Lakers are still preparing to recruit basketball fans to surprise them.

* Luxury tax: A type of tax imposed on clubs that exceed the luxury tax limit, apart from the salary cap set by the league, the secretariat collects the amount from clubs that exceed the luxury tax and distributes it to clubs that do not exceed the luxury tax.

* Celery Cap: The NBA Secretariat limits the total annual salary of each team to maintain the average performance of each team. This varies from year to year (exceptions apply and there may be teams that exceed the celery cap due to those exceptions).

* MLE: The league’s teams are subject to a corresponding luxury tax if they cross the luxury tax line that exceeds the Sally Cap applied by the Secretariat. If the team signs a contract through MLE, an offer outside the salary cap is possible. However, if this is used to recruit players, the total annual salary of the team must not exceed the luxury tax line that changes with changes in the salary cap every year.

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