Choi Yeojin broke up with her boyfriend for 5 years

Choi Yeojin broke up with her boyfriend for 5 years

Choi Yeojin broke up with her boyfriend for 5 years and wanted to get married for no reason

Choi Yeojin

SBS entertainment show “Love is Straight” showed a tangled straight signal of single men and women.

In “Love Is Straight,” which first aired on the 3rd, Choi Yeo-jin, Song Hae-na, Choi Yoon-young, and Yu-bin were pictured going straight in search of their destined partner.

Choi Yeo-jin, Song Hae-na, Choi Yoon-young, and Yu-bin, female members of “Love is Straight,” drew attention as they appeared in a 180-degree different style from what they looked like in “The Girl Who Hits the Goal” (hereinafter referred to as “Goltaenyeo”). MC Lee Hyun, who’s on “Gold Girl,” said, “Hana wore a pearl necklace? “I always wear sportswear,” he said, adding, “They look so different when they play soccer,” adding, “I felt awkward about the changed appearance of my teammates, making them laugh.

The four, who joined the FC Singles, looked excited about the new romance in Da Nang, Vietnam, a romantic resort. Choi Yoon-young said, “If you fall in love with each other at first sight without any information, wouldn’t it be possible to develop your marriage?” while Choi Yeo-jin expressed expectations for a new relationship, saying, “I came alone, but I want to go together.”

The four also expressed their thoughts on love and marriage honestly. Song Hae-na said, “(We) are at an age when we have to think about marriage, so we can’t easily date.” Studio MC Yoon Tae-jin showed deep empathy, and Choi Yeo-jin also revealed the story of naturally breaking up with her boyfriend who wanted to get married, saying, “Nothing happened, but we just broke up.” We’ve been together for five years,” he recalled.

It was followed by the first meeting of eight straight men and women. As male members, Lee Ki-hoon, Park Tae-yang, Kim Ji-hoon, and Austin Kang appeared. The appearance of male members with different personalities and charms attracted the attention of female members as well as viewers. In addition, under the FC Singles rule, male members were only named except for their jobs and ages, raising questions about their identity.

The male and female members got to know each other by talking about public relationships, their personal tendencies, and dating breaks. Since then, eight men and women have been given time to choose between likes. The first day when you have to go straight with just the first feeling. After much consideration, the members wrote the name of the likeable reason and put it in the “straightforward box of love.” Immediately, the time to announce the results continued. The results were made in a way that everyone checked one by one at a gathering, creating a strange tension.

Lee Ki-hoon, who first checked the card, was chosen by Song Hae-na. However, his opponent was Choi Yoon-young. He explained the reason for choosing Choi Yoon-young, saying, “The feeling of the eye contact remains vivid.” Park Tae-yang also said, “When I entered the gathering place, it was shining. I kept walking, wondering who that person was,” he said to Choi Yoon-young. Following Choi Yoon-young, Yu-bin was also chosen by Kim Ji-hoon and Austin Kang. “I was so easy-going that I thought I would get zero votes, but I was surprised. I opened the card, but I couldn’t hide my expression,” he said with a shy smile.

The next day, a group date “entry date” was followed by a men’s and women’s clubmate. Choi Yoon-young and Austin Kang, who had a one-on-one date through a lottery, enjoyed a date at a beach cafe with a straight view of the sea. While having an in-depth conversation with Mirae, such as marriage, Choi Yoon-young said, “My mother is still very worried about me,” adding, “I have never stayed out before I became independent.” I haven’t even traveled with my boyfriend,” he said of the conservative family atmosphere. Afterwards, Austin Kang surprised everyone by suddenly jumping into the sea, saying, “Think carefully about what a free life is.” He explained, “I wanted to provide freedom because (Yoon-young) has endured and lived frustratingly.”

Late at night after the date, Austin Kang came to the women’s accommodation and asked Choi Yeo-jin for a date, saying, “Let’s have a drink.” In the following scene, Choi Yeo-jin said, “The fact that he came. He said, “I think my heart was pounding the most,” and “I’m worried about Yoon Young,” raising expectations for the full-fledged love line of straight men and women

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