Bregman’s final hit advances to WS for the second consecutive

Bregman’s final hit advances to WS for the second consecutive

Bregman’s final hit advances to WS for the second consecutive year after winning four consecutive games against Houston Yankees


The Houston Astros won four consecutive games against the New York Yankees and succeeded in advancing to the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series (WS, four wins in seven games) for the second consecutive year.

Houston beat the Yankees 6-5 thanks to Alex Bregman’s timely hit in the top of the seventh inning in Game 4 of the American League Championship Series (ALCS) at Yankee Stadium in New York on the 24th (Korea Standard Time).

Houston, who beat the Yankees with four consecutive wins in the series, lifted the American League trophy for the second consecutive year. Houston will play the best-of-seven WS game against the National League champion Philadelphia Phillies from the 29th.

Game 1 of WS will be held at the Houston Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, the home stadium of Houston. Houston (106 wins and 56 losses), which is ahead of the regular season’s winning rate, will have home adventures and play the first, second, sixth, and seventh games at home.

On the other hand, the Yankees, who were aiming to advance to the World Series for the first time in 13 years, were humiliated by being eliminated from the ALCS after failing to win a game against Houston. Aaron Judge’s silence, which hit 62 home runs in a season, was the most painful.

It was the Yankees who were driven to the brink that took the lead. The Yankees scored two runs first in the bottom of the first inning with consecutive right-handed timely hits by Giancarlo Stanton and Gleaver Torres. In the bottom of the second inning, Anthony Rizzo added an RBI double to run 3-0.

However, Houston overturned the game in the top of the third inning. In a chance to first and second base with no outs earned by Yankees starter Nestor Cortes’ two walks, Jeremy Pe넷a hit a three-run home run over the left fence to put the game back to square one. Jordan Alvarez’s double and two single hits added one point to make a 4-3 turnaround.

The Yankees just didn’t back down either. In the bottom of the fourth inning, the Yankees tied the game 4-4 with Lee’s timely hit to the center field, and turned the game around 5-4 with Harrison Bader’s solo home run to the left in the bottom of the sixth inning.

However, Houston was ahead in concentration in the second half of the game. After one out in the top of the seventh inning, Houston took the opportunity to first and second base due to Jose Altuve’s infield hit and Yankees second baseman Torres’ throwing error. Alvarez then hit a timely hit to the right to bring second baseman Altuve home.

Bregman was the leading player in the 5-5 tie. Bregman hit a hit in front of right field from Yankees closer Clay Holmes, who rushed to the mound. In the meantime, third baseman Pe가a stepped home to break the tie.

Houston’s must-win pitching group, which Houston boasts, has been in operation since the bottom of the seventh inning to protect the one-point lead. Bryan Abreu (7th), Rafael Montero (8th), and Ryan Pressley (9th) finished the series with one perfect inning each.

Jersey, the Yankees’ leading hitter who hit 62 home runs this year and broke the record for the most home runs in a season in 61 years, failed to live up to his name in this “Autumn Baseball.” He batted .139 (5 for 36) in nine postseason games. Although he hit two home runs, he had only three RBIs.

Jersey, in particular, had one hit in 16 at-bats in four ALCS games against Houston. His slump was a decisive reason for the Yankees’ four consecutive losses. As soon as Houston confirmed its advance to the WS, the Yankees batter was also a jersey. Even his last at-bat was a grounder in front of the pitcher

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