Bonds Hall of Fame 9 Fails Again 74.2% Barry Bonds was expected

Bonds Hall of Fame 9 Fails Again 74.2% Barry Bonds was expected

Bonds Hall of Fame 9 Fails Again 74.2%


Barry Bonds was expected to fail again in his ninth attempt at the Hall of Fame. If they fail to win more than 75 percent of the votes, they will have only one chance next year 파워볼사이트

Ryan Tebow, who tracks the annual Hall of Fame vote, analyzed the Hall of Fame vote released in a recent update. Some of those who have finished voting for the Hall of Fame will release their results, which T-report collects and expects to win.

In the update, Bonds received 74.2 percent, narrowly short of 75 percent of the Hall of Fame’s contribution. Considering that there are a little less actual votes than the results of the released vote, it is still unlikely that Bonds will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.

According to Tivo Tracker, no one is expected to be inducted into the Hall of Fame vote. Barry Bonds is the leading player to date, followed by Roger Clemens with 73.4%. Neither Bonds nor Clemens is free from drug-related controversies, so it seems difficult to get past 75 percent. Bonds won 70 percent of the votes in a public vote last year, but only 60.7 percent of the votes were actually cast. Bonds has a record of 762 home runs in his personal career. Although the results before the controversy over banned drugs are considered worthy of being inducted into the Hall of Fame, there are conflicting opinions that controversy over banned drugs should not be included in the Hall of Fame.

Kurt Schilling also has 72.6 percent, making it difficult for him to become a Hall of Fame. NBC Sports said of Silly, “We haven’t raised any of our approval ratings in the past year. It seems to be due to the continuous absurdities.

In addition, Gary Sheffield has 53.2%, Scott Rollen has 68.5%, Manny Ramirez has 36.3% and Todd Helden has 54.8% of the 54.8 percent support.

The results of the 2021 Hall of Fame vote will be announced at 8 a.m. on the 27th.

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