Betts with 11 years and 337m left won the award

Betts with 11 years and 337m left won the award

Betts with 11 years and 337m left won the award, the beginning of LAD disaster


Mookie Betts (29), who has 11 years to $337.5 million in contracts this season, is the winner. There is a possibility that it will be a disaster for the LA Dodgers.

Betts had a batting average of 0.196 and two home runs, five RBIs, 14 runs, 11 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.328 OPS 0.668 in 14 games of the season until the 25th (Korea Standard Time).

Although early in the season or the Betts that the LA Dodgers thought were not like this. He wanted a defense using his athletic ability for explosive offense and base running play.

He has a lot of walks, and the difference between batting average and on-base percentage is quite large. But that’s all. Betts is not making a good hit.

Also, Betts was not a weak hitter in the spring. Betts’ overall OPS in April was 0.833 – lower than his overall record of 0.887 – but not a big gap.

Some say that the current slump, even at the beginning of the season, is the beginning of a disaster for the LA Dodgers. The price for the choice of 12 years – $365 million for the under-sized player.

Betts has already batted .264 and 0.854 for OPS in 122 games last year. For the first time in four years since 2017, the OPS has fallen to 0.800 units.

Betts also scored minus points in defense and base play last year. It can be interpreted that Betts’ unique athletic ability is gradually decreasing.

What the LA Dodgers want from Betts is when they win the 2018 American League Most Valuable Player (MVP). Also, before the age of 35, he would have wanted FWAR 6 or higher every year.

However, Betts already recorded only 3.5 FWAR last year. WRC+ also stayed at 131. Of course, it falls short of good grades or Betts’ expectations.

The bigger problem is that Betts is an undersized player. Usually, the heyday of under-sized players ends early. The Los Angeles Dodgers gave the player 12 years – $365 million.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been troubled by Trevor Bauer’s extended administrative leave. But the real problem seems to be Betts, not Bauer

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