Best Big Deal to Stop FALOIOD Is an Ideal Scenario

Best Big Deal to Stop FALOIOD Is an Ideal Scenario

Best Big Deal to Stop FALOIOD Is an Ideal Scenario


The Athletic reporter Ken Rosenthal insisted on the 15th (Korea Standard Time) that LA Angels Otani Shohei should receive the highest salary ever.

In fact, the Angels reportedly contacted Otani’s agent during the spring camp in March and conveyed their intention that “I agree that Otani should receive the highest average salary.” Otani will become an FA only after next season. If the Angels push for an extension contract, the upcoming winter is the right time. You never know how Otani’s mind will change next year.

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees is expected to receive as much attention as Otani this winter. At the end of this season, he will qualify for the first FA in his career. Last winter, even though the Yankees offered $213.5 million for seven years, they refused immediately. The response was that it was not worth the effort.

Since he failed to sign an extension contract before the start of the season, Jersey plans to tap the FA market when the World Series ends this year. The possibility of an extension contract during the season has become even slimmer because he is filming career high.

In a home game against the Tampa Bay Rays on the 16th, Jersey hit a home run in his first at-bat in the bottom of the first inning and recorded his 25th season. Tampa Bay fastball pitcher Shane McClanahan’s seventh pitch, 84-mile curve, easily crossed the right fence. He widened the gap between the second-ranked teams Pete Alonso (New York Mets), Byron Buxton (Minesota Twins) and Austin Riley (Atlanta Braves) to seven. run by the sole of the race

If you maintain the current pace, you can mark 65 to 66 home runs. It can set the most record in a season among batters without steroid scandals. Barry Bonds wrote 73 in 2001, but he failed to enter the Hall of Fame due to his steroid tag. The 61 home runs hit by Roger Marys, a senior to Jersey in 1961, is the record for the most home runs in a season.

As of that day, Jersey’s batting average is 0.313 (72 hits in 230 at-bats), 25 home runs, 49 RBIs, 53 runs scored, slugging percentage 0.683 and OPS 1.067. He is the No. 1 home run, scoring and slugging percentage in both leagues. The OPS is second behind Paul Goldschmidt (1.070) of the St. Louis Cardinals and fourth in RBIs. If we choose the American League MVP now, it should be a jersey. Moreover, the Yankees beat Tampa Bay 4-3 to win six consecutive games, marking 46 wins and 16 losses (0.742) and maintaining the top winning percentage in the Major League. The dignity of the cannon corps led by Jersey is continuing with team performance.

Jersey is said to want a 10-year contract. The average annual salary should also be $40 million, the highest ever. Jersey and the Yankees have yet to sign an annual salary contract this season. Jersey claims $21 million and the Yankees claim $17 million, awaiting a decision by the annual salary adjustment committee. The results will come out on the 23rd 파워볼사이트

Reporter Ken Rosenthal said, “It is unlikely that a long-term contract will be signed, but the Yankees will be able to negotiate with Jersey with the highest level of treatment,” adding, “The best scenario for the Yankees is to sign a big deal after agreeing a one-year contract before salary adjustment.” The focus is on the expression “at the peak of his value.”

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