Ankle injury LeBron James is ready to play in the next game

Ankle injury LeBron James is ready to play in the next game

Ankle injury LeBron James is ready to play in the next game


LeBron bowed his head.

The LA Lakers lost 90-108 against the Phoenix Suns in the 2021-2022 NBA regular season at the Staples Center in LA on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time).

The game was expected to be difficult for the Lakers. Because the opponent was Phoenix, the team with the best atmosphere at this point.

Expectations did not go wrong. LeBron James played 34 minutes and played with a success rate of 68.4% (13/19) in 34 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 steals, but failed to prevent defeat.

On this day, LeBron had a heartbreaking moment. In the middle of the third quarter, LeBron attempted a layup shot following a spin move. LeBron, who stepped on Phoenix Jay Crowder’s foot during the landing process, fell on the court and complained of pain.

However, LeBron said he could play in the next game. LeBron said, “I stepped on Jay Crowder’s foot. But I’m ready to play in the next game, he said.

The defeat on this day left the Lakers in the mire of three consecutive losses. The future is not so bright either. Anthony Davis, one of the big three, left the team after suffering a knee injury on the 18th. Davis is scheduled to miss the next four weeks.

In addition, several players are suffering from major and minor injuries and are continuing their difficult seasons.

LeBron said, “Throughout this season, the Lakers are not complete power. I don’t know what this team can do. It is difficult to evaluate this, he said.

He added, “We have to be together at a time when many players have left.”

Meanwhile, the Lakers were called strong candidates for the championship before the season. However, the Lakers are ranked seventh in the Western Conference with 16 wins and 16 losses as of the 22nd. Obviously, it is a performance that falls short of expectations.

The favorite to win also became a title suitable for the western conference No. 1 Phoenix or the western conference No. 2 Golden State Warriors, not the Lakers.

LeBron said, “Currently, good teams are playing in the Western Conference. Among them, Phoenix and Golden State are playing excellent basketball. They remained healthy for most of the season. “This definitely helps in terms of their chemistry,” he said, evaluating the two teams.

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