After Ahn Somi got married everyone cried about farming

After Ahn Somi got married everyone cried about farming

After Ahn Somi got married everyone cried about farming in the countryside


Comedian Ahn So-mi has revealed her recent farming in Dangjin, South Chungcheong Province.

Ahn So-mi appeared in the MBN current affairs and culture program “Special World,” which aired on the 4th.

Ahn So-mi, who made her debut as a comedian for KBS’ 24th public recruitment in 2088, continued her active activities by appearing in various programs, including KBS 2TV’s “Gag Concert.” Having gradually built up his profile, he expanded his activities by releasing the trot song “A Cup of Alcohol” in 2015. After meeting for the first time at a meeting with acquaintances, he married an office worker of the same age in 2018 after a year and four months of dating. She held her daughter in her arms in September of that year and her son in February of last year

On this day, Ahn So-mi helped her husband, who quit the company and became a farmer, and told her how she was doing farming with her parents-in-law in Dangjin. He confessed his unhappy childhood, saying that he is comfortable and good now.

Ahn said, “My parents divorced when I was three years old. I grew up with my grandmother, and my father had to work, so I was entrusted to my friends and raised by my aunt,” he said adding, “I lived in a van or in a container.” “I went to school for the first time at the age of 10, and I was ostracized because my mother was not there,” she said in tears.

He said, “People who do business outdoors have a seat fight. If I said something to my grandmother there, I had no choice but to step up. I was eight or nine years old. I think I got a lot of grit while being cursed by adults,” he recalled.

Ahn So-mi, who told herself that her husband was a person who taught her “family,” said, “When I saw her husband’s family, I thought that was the image of her family. If I didn’t get married, I might not be in the world. I always tell my husband that I’m a lifesaver.”

In fact, her parents-in-law also embraced Ahn’s pain with love, not a flaw. At a dinner with her family, Ahn So-mi said, “Even if I fail and fail, there is a strong support behind me. When I said, “There is nothing scary now because there is a fence,” my mother-in-law expressed her affection, saying, “I am crying.”

Afterwards, she said to her husband, “I told you all about me when we just met. We can’t have a meeting. “Somi, trust me and come back.” “I followed him because he said, ‘I’ll take care of everything,’ but thank you so much.” In response, the husband said, “If my father-in-law has a mother-in-law, I can live with her. I like it that much. Ahn So-mi shed tears when she patted her, saying, “I’m doing well now after going through difficulties.”

Ahn Somi said to her daughter, “I want to be a cool mother, a reliable mother,” and added, “I want to be a reliable mother who can be a support to her mother and father when she has a hard time in her social life.”

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