Actress Han Eun-jung’s butt touch under the direction

Actress Han Eun-jung’s butt touch under the direction

Actress Han Eun-jung’s butt touch under the direction of director Ha Seok-jin, making a rash remark


Actor Ha Seok-jin revealed the behind-the-scenes story of the advertisement on YouTube. She touched the actress’ butt during the past shoot. He raised eyebrows by mentioning the actress’ name, saying, “This has nothing to do with her will.”

On the 15th, Ha Seok-jin’s personal YouTube channel “Ha Seok-jin” posted a video titled “We Were Crazy Then (Jeong So-min Radio Witness, Appearance Advertising Ssul).”

Ha Seok-jin had time to talk about himself on Namuwiki. Ha Seok-jin appeared on “Young Street” when Jung So-min was a DJ and talked about the sightings mentioned. Ha Seok-jin then went through the list of advertisements he took and mentioned the first advertisement, the airline advertisement.

Ha Seok-jin’s third advertisement was a confectionery product. Ha Seok-jin said, “I took a picture with Han Eun-jung. Han Eun-jung was our company at the time. I think they put me in the box,” he said, watching the commercial.

The advertisement showed Han Eun-jung kissing Ha Seok-jin strongly. In response, Ha Seok-jin said, “It was an unimaginable script these days. In the 30-second commercial, I got kissed and my hand went up.”

“I didn’t do it, but the director whispered (the instructions). Later, Eunjung laughed and said, “My hand came up.” I couldn’t say that the coach made me do it,” he added.

The production team said, “I almost got sued.” Then Ha Seok-jin said, “Yes. But before that, I can sue Eun-jung (because I was kissed) too.”

After uploading the video, the part spread through online communities and SNS. Eventually, the edited video was uploaded on the 16th, the next day. It was edited after the scene where Ha Seok-jin said, “The script is unimaginable these days.”

Ha Seok-jin’s YouTube production team seems to have edited it in consideration of the controversy. There was no particular position, only the video was modified. The majority of Ha Seok-jin’s comments are also “must.”

On YouTube, artificial intelligence automatically deliberates on content. Therefore, it creates a comfortable and free atmosphere. I know the intention to show and inform everything for content, but the line needs to be kept

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