Ace Hamstring recently won 10G 2 wins 8 losses and AL Dongbu

Ace Hamstring recently won 10G 2 wins 8 losses and AL Dongbu

Ace Hamstring recently won 10G 2 wins, 8 losses and AL Dongbu District which is getting farther away from NYY.


The New York Yankees are moving away from winning the American League East Division in the Major League Baseball.

Although the Yankees have a large number of “superstars” in the past decade, they have won only three Eastern titles (2011, 2012, and 2019).

The rivals are all competing. The Boston Red Sox, the eternal rival, need no explanation, and the Tampa Bay Rays have been emitting strong power since last season. It is also running first this year. The gap with the Yankees is 9.5 games.

On top of that, the Toronto Blue Jays, led by Ryu Hyun-jin, actively appointed the second generation of baseball players, transforming the team into a strong team. There’s no more room for the Yankees to squeeze in.

However, news like a bolt from the blue was delivered. Ace Gerrit Cole is not in good shape. Cole started against Toronto on the 8th (Korea Standard Time) and was replaced by hamstring pain after allowing three runs in three 2이닝3 innings.

After the game, Cole could not hide his regret at a press conference, saying, “The result of the day is disappointing.” MLB dotcom said, “We have to wait and see if Cole will be able to take the mound next time scheduled for the 13th.”

If Cole’s hamstring injury becomes certain, he is likely to be out of the season. Although it is a symptom of tension, the only answer to hamstring is to rest even if it is a micro rupture. If you overdo the season, the rehabilitation period may be longer.

The Yankees are busy on their way. The gap with No. 1 Tampa Bay is 9.5 games, and there is only a half-game difference and 3.5 games difference from No. 3 Boston and No. 4 Toronto, respectively. In order for the Yankees to advance to the playoffs, they must maintain the current gap. However, the team atmosphere has fallen sharply recently. As of the 8th, he has recorded 2 wins and 8 losses in the last 10 games. There is no rebound factor.

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