A 56 billion-year-old superstar will be on the double A mound

A 56 billion-year-old superstar will be on the double A mound

A 56 billion-year-old superstar will be on the double A mound

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The final inspection stage for the return of New York Mets Max Scherzer (38) to the big league has been confirmed as Double A.

Scherzer will take the mound on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time) as a member of Double-A Binghamton Rumblefonis under the Mets and throw 60 to 70 balls. The opponent is Double A under the Philadelphia Phillies, and the venue is Mirabito Stadium in Binghamton, New York.

Scherzer, who was on the injured list after suffering damage to his left leg muscle on the 19th of last month, will start the away game against the Miami Marlins on the 27th and return to the game.

Scherzer said in an interview with MLB.com on the 21st, “I can’t wait (to return to the big leagues). I came to this team to win and I want to be part of it. We’ve won a lot of games, but we haven’t won yet,” he said adding, “If someone is injured, the team is completely different. We’ve done well so far, but we have to do more.”

He expressed his wish to join the big league mound as soon as possible and help the team win the championship. The Mets are currently leading the National League with 45 wins and 24 losses (0.652) and are six games ahead of the second-ranked Atlanta Braves (38 wins and 29 losses) in the Eastern District.

Scherzer, who won the World Series in the Washington Nationals in 2019, was asked to compare the Mets to Washington at the time this year, saying, “It’s a completely different team. Every team has a story, and we need to create a story where all members do their best in their roles and become one at the end,” he replied 토토추천

It is the first time in 12 years that Scherzer has played in a minor league game since Triple-A under the Detroit Tigers in 2010. The fact that Scherzer, who receives $43.33 million (about 56 billion won), the highest annual salary in Major League history, appears in a small and medium-sized city with a population of 250,000 is a hot topic. Mirabito Stadium is the home of Binghengton, with a capacity of about 6,000.

In particular, the catcher who will make the battery with Scherzer on the day is James McCann, who will play a rehabilitation game due to a wrist injury. Scherzer and I had a meal together in Detroit in 2014 and worked together with batteries at the beginning of this season.

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